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In this report:

  1. Current status of legislation.
  2. Acalanes School district v NOISE Coalition.

April 29, 2015 – Lafayette, CA – NOISE Coalition News – The last seven months have been very busy researching the association between the local Acalanes School District and their partnership with Planned Parenthood, which means that, regrettably, we have been way behind in providing you with information on legislation. Legislators and lobbyists have been very busy this term. It is the procedure, at least in California, for legislators to take one large item, such as vaccinations, and break it down into several different bills, all aiming at one sector of a broader issue. This causes one to have to follow several bills.

In the area of health and education:

Several bills of grave consequence to life, health and family are being heard today. There is the very egregious Richard Pan, SB277, Mandatory Vaccination bill which has seen hundreds of parents walking the halls and vocally opposing the bill.

The great attention focused on this bill was a factor in slowing down its progress through the Senate. Senator Pan got into trouble when it was amended to declare that any unvaccinated child would be excluded from a public education and, maybe even a private school education. This has now been slightly amended to declare that the state would (graciously) allow unvaccinated children to attend group type homeschooling programs.

The Lois Wolk SB 19-POLST bill (end of life issue) is being heard today in the Senate Judiciary Committee. Also AB 775, the David Chiu (D-S.F.) Reproductive FACT Act in the Assembly Judiciary Committee. WORD JUST IN, THIS BILL HAS PASSED THE ASSEMBLY HEALTH COMMITTEE TO THE ASSEMBLY APPROPRIATIONS COMMITTEE.

You can check on the progress of these bills by going to the website where you can get the latest update on bills and the lists of committees and members hearing bills on specific days. There have been a total of 2530 bills and Resolutions submitted by legislators. We have placed either a watch or priority on about 45 health and education bills with 16 health bills receiving the most attention. Many of these bills are being heard today.

AB 1254, by Shannon Grove (R-Bakersfield) on Health Care Service Plans: Abortion coverage has garnered our support. It refers to abortion insurance coverage. It would state that a health care insurance coverage plan need not be required to automatically include abortion coverage.

SB128, Lois Wolk, End-of-Life, inserting the end of life choices favored by the group Compassion and Choices in such a way that it threatens to become the “choice” of first resort (make that only resort) of Californians. Marilyn Golden, the spokesperson for the Californians Against Assisted Suicide – CAAS -provided the San Francisco Chronicle with a very good definition of the problem with Oregon’s end of life legislation upon which California SB 128, is based. She stated:

“Marilyn Golden, with the Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund, told the San Francisco Chronicle’s Debra Saunders about a health plan’s denial of chemotherapy while it offered instead to pay for that patient’s euthanasia. “Golden chalks up the low numbers (of such reported incidents) to Oregon’s toothless law that has no mechanism to uncover abuses,” Saunders wrote.

“Perhaps the most significant problem is the deadly mix between assisted suicide and profit-driven managed health care,” Golden wrote on her organization’s website. “Again and again, health maintenance organizations (HMOs) and managed care bureaucracies have overruled physicians’ treatment decisions.”

This is apparently one of the top concerns of our pro life/anti-euthanasia organizations. Once a person signs up for Palliative and or Hospice care the agenda of that organization takes over precluding interference by the patient’s doctor or the care facility in which the patient is residing. That means a two-tiered system of care in some Hospices.

Careful questioning of residential care facility staff, prior to entering a family member for care, on their position re palliative-only or Hospice only authorization overrides to patients in their care would be a very wise thing to do.

Also, careful notation of what a patient is declaring if that patient decides to sign a POLST form. It must be understood that third parties (not doctors, though) are being given authorization to complete and sign a patient’s Physicians Orders For Life Sustaining Treatment [POLST] form without the patient’s knowing. SB19 declares that; based on the authorized health care provider’s knowledge of the patient’s condition and that patient’s desires, the health care provider patient’s representative can complete the form. Only one of the two such designated guardians need be a non-family member.

Part of our heavy schedule this term has been writing letters of support or opposition on bills which we have tagged as high alert and follow continuously. We have been fortunate to have the position of California Right to Life officially listed on a large number of bills. This takes special effort and time to research. We even had one humorous situation occur on a bill we opposed. Our opposition wrote an official opposition to our opposition which, I believe is a rare event, Campos, AB 1637, Physician Orders for Life Sustaining treatment. Another POLST type bill will exempt physicians from criminal penalties regarding end of life declarations. AB 637.

The date is approaching when all bills will have to either pass their first house or fail. We will commence more in-depth reporting on those that pass, at that time.


For the last seven months, beginning in October, 2014, the NOISE Coalition has been researching the relationship between Acalanes School District officials and its intimate relationships with personnel within the Concord headquarters of Planned Parenthood of Northern California.

On April 15, the School Board voted to renew their Sexual Health Curriculum partnership exclusively using Planned Parenthood instructors and curriculum. The report presented by the staff could have been written by Planned Parenthood itself it was so blatantly geared toward proving that only Planned Parenthood could fit the description supposedly required by the state Education Code to present the class. Approximately 200 or more rather evenly divided numbers of people attended this Board meeting. Some of them parents who gave statements on the reactions of their students to material presented. One parent stated that her son asked his parents to take him out of the class. Other parents provided authenticity to our claims that the students were being brainwashed. This parent told of questions being asked by the PP presenters which were to be answered in one voice, ”we go to Planned Parenthood”…for that item or service. Nothing made a dent in the Board’s pre-determined position.

At the conclusion of the vote each Board member gave a statement on their position. Kathy Coppersmith, 14 year board member and immediate past Chairman of the Board, whined about all the time she had lost for more important things than listening to religious propaganda from “outsiders.” She stated that we should be left along to do our jobs.

  • The position of the NOISE Coalition is:
  • this is a secretive, biased and irresponsible association due to the exclusive nature of the access provided to Planned Parenthood by school officials and staff for so-called sexual health instruction.
  • This exclusivity has denied students their right to know all aspects of the path to achieving sexual health.
  • The parents have been denied access to the curriculum material, information on the speakers and knowledge of the proceedings in the classroom.
  • The officials have failed to honor their sworn duties of  accountability, transparency and fiscal responsibility in regards to this curriculum, which is not mandated by the state, especially not mandated in the manner employed by Acalanes District officials.
  • There is also a question of irregularity in the vote they took to continue the curriculum and its current crop of instructors.
  • The Acalanes Parent’s Club has been paying tribute money to PP for them to come onto the campus and indoctrinate the students into Planned Parenthood’s libertine lifestyle choices.
  • Planned Parenthood of Northern California’s Director, located in Concord on Pacheco St. earned close to $250.000. in 2013, half of it from tax dollars, according to the 2013 IRS report. The abortionist, Jeremy Waldman earned over that amount for a 4 day a week schedule of aborting babies in one or more of their Shasta/Diablo clinics. And, the parent’s clubs of the Acalanes District have to give PP money normally designated for academics or sports programs?

The Noise Coalition Chairman was recently interviewed by EWTN for one of its radio broadcasts [Eternal Word Television Network] regarding this situation. Thanks to all for your support and interest. Please continue to follow our efforts to rid the school district of this plague.

Please visit the NOISE Coalition website at: If you feel moved to help us, please use the above contact information.

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Update: Bill [AB 517] Supporting Parental Rights Regarding Sex-Ed Classes


giglio_gallagher4.17.15April 18, 2015 – Lafayette, CA – NOISE Coalition News – Assemblyman James Gallagher, [R, Chico] has authored a bill, AB 517, HIV/AIDS Prevention Education Act: Parental Consent.  His bill would aid parents in regaining some measure of their lost parental rights in regard to whether or not their child is subjected to public school sex-ed classes.

AB517 is also referred to as an Opt-in piece of legislation. Its main focus is amending the current and long-held sex education portion of the state Education Code [Sec. 51930] that only allows parents an opt-out privilege regarding their child’s attendance in these often contentious classes.

Opt-out forms are usually sent home at the beginning of a school year for parents to sign if they do not, for religious or health reasons, want their child attending certain non-academic type activities during school hours.

In the case of sex education classes the Ed Code stipulates that parents receive a notice of the class along with an opt-out form no less than two weeks prior to the beginning of the class. If no signed parental form is returned to the school the child is considered to be approved for taking the class.

Parents sometimes learn after the classes are over that their child, unwilling to be publicly shamed by students and teachers for not attending the instructions will have obtained an approval signature from someone other than their parents, or, simply not giving the form to the parents, or put on temper tantrums to discourage the parents from opting them out of the program.

This whole procedure came under heightened scrutiny recently when a parent in the Acalanes School District, of Lafayette, California [Contra Costa County] learned, last October, 2014 that her daughter was to take part in a one week Planned Parenthood Sexual Health class. Her efforts to obtain an opt-out form were continually frustrated by the school Principal along with her requests to see the instruction material.

Assemblyman Gallagher, upon reading about this situation in the newspapers, authored AB 517 in the interest of defending parental rights.

AB 517 received its first hearing in the Assembly Education Committee on April 8, 2015. The bill received only one YES vote. That was from Assembly member, Rocky Chavez, [R-Carlsbad]. Even he exhibited some reluctance in voting in favor of the bill.  The other Republican on the committee, Young Kim, abstained.

However, the committee invited re-consideration of the bill if Assembly member Gallagher was willing to work with the committee to accept amendments.

At the Education Committee hearing both supporters and opponents addressed the board. Among the groups who opposed the bill were the ACLU, Planned Parenthood and The Family Health Council. Those who favored the bill were our NOISE Coalition, Citizens for Responsible Government, Parents from the Acalanes school district, Concerned Women of America, California Nurses for Ethical Standards and others.

The bill is now going through revision and we await its next hearing.  Please consider calling Assembly member James Gallagher’s office to support his bill and provide him with encouragement to continue – 916-319-2003.

As a little background:

Class room instruction in sex education began in earnest in the 1970’s. At that time it was referred to as Family Life Education [FLE]. It consisted of one hour of discussion on the development of the child in the womb, the birth of the child and human [male and female] reproductive development.

These programs were very aggressively resisted by groups of parents in the Bay Area and around the state as interfering with parental authority.

However, in the early 70’s The Elementary and Secondary Education Act – ESEA was amended to include sex education instruction. It was often taught in Humanities classes, P.E. Classes, Social Studies, or in whatever class a particular teacher felt comfortable with presenting the material.

During all these years and especially following the 1973, Roe v Wade Supreme Court Decision, sex education classes became ground zero for the pro-life and pro-abortion entities. Some schools allowed both sides to present their information to the students and some schools or teachers within the schools limited the outside speakers to representatives of Planned Parenthood only.

In 2003, state Senator Sheila Kuehl, [D, S.D.] a member of the state legislature’s newly minted gay and lesbian caucus, authored SB71, Education: Sexual Health and HIV/AIDS prevention instruction. This bill required that instructions in HIV/AIDS would be mandated for all students at least twice during their school years. The California Comprehensive Sexual Health and HIV/AIDS Education Accountability Act [SHEAA] Health and Safety Code 51930-51939.

In succeeding legislative terms, bills were submitted – often sponsored by Planned Parenthood or its affiliates – amending and adjusting this code to secure the position of Planned Parenthood as the “best” most well trained, organization of experts to give instructions in all areas of sexual health. The Ed. Code makes it clear that sexual health does not include sex education.

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Planned Parenthood Cartoon

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They’re teaching you what?

April 10, 2015 – Sacramento, CA – NOISE Coalition – A controversial sex education program that has roiled parents in the Bay Area will be the subject of a hearing at the State Capitol tomorrow and a lively school board meeting in Walnut Creek next week.

Over the past few months, public records obtained by Pacific Justice Institute have confirmed shocking details parents were hearing from their freshmen students in the Acalanes Union High School District.

Among other things, sex education for 9th graders was being taught by consultants from Planned Parenthood, including a self-described “pleasure activist” and another instructor who leads “pleasure workshops” for an adult toy store.

Handouts distributed during the instruction included a “sex checklist” that conveyed the notion 14-year-olds might be ready to get it on, and a consent handout that encouraged the freshmen to ask each other questions like, “Is it okay if I take my pants off?”

To read more please visit The California Catholic Daily



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California Legislature Chooses Dogs over Babies and Parents


sacto4.9.15April 9, 2015 – Sacramento, CA – NOISE Coalition – Within the last two days several very important bills were either passed or defeated that will have a direct impact on the integrity of the family and on children’s physical and moral health.

The attached photo shows a portion of the crowd standing in line waiting to enter the Senate Health Committee hearing on Sen. Richard Pan’s bill, SB 277, mandatory vaccinations. The bill takes away parental rights to decide their children’s health care in regard to state desired vaccinations for one’s children. As it stands this bill will prohibit any child from entering school (public, private and Charter) without proof of vaccinations. It will also require the schools to post notices on the percentage of vaccinated students.

Those who opposed the bill, parents and grandparents with vaccine damaged children sported some red clothing or signs saying “NO SB277, Family’s for healthy choice, etc. They came from all over the state. It took all day for families with children and babes in arms, to wait for the 1:30 hearing to begin and then it took close to three hours for all the proponents and opponents to step before the mike and state their position.

Planned Parenthood was prominent in its support of this bill.

Also being heard yesterday was newly elected Assembly member, James Gallagher’s AB517, HIV/AIDS Prevention Education: Parental Consent. Two local parents within the Acalanes School District gave testimony at this hearing in the Assembly Education Committee in regard to the lack of parent’s rights regarding the sex-ed information in two local high schools, Acalanes and Miramonte. Also speaking for the bill was a former Clinical sex-ed instructor/nurse from Fresno. Only one Education Committee member, Rocky Chavez, R. voted for it, but the committee re-referred it back to the committee for discussion and possible amendments.

So, more on this bill and on SB277, later.

Also heard yesterday was AB 147, Postsecondary Education: Animal Research, by Matt Dababneh. This bill has passed two committee hearings with flying colors, passing 11-1 with 1 abstention in the Assembly Higher Ed. Committee and 16-1 in the Assembly Appropriations Committee. This bill will require any campus of the U.C. System to set up adoption centers for dogs or cats that have previously been used for science or research. If the animal is not outright adopted, then the University must offer the animals to animal rescue assn.

Also, on Tuesday, April 7, there was a hearing on SB128, Lois Wolk’s End of Life Legislation. It passed overwhelmingly. AB637, Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment – POLST, by Campos, passed the Assembly Judiciary Committee. SB323, Ed Hernandez, D. Nurse Practitioners – another attempt to expand this group’s scope of practice to include filling out POLST forms for patients, was heard and re-referred to the Business, Professions and Economic Development Committee.

Many bills are being presented in packs of 4 or more bills all on the same subject but with small variations meaning that if all but one fails, the one that passes will end up incorporating all the objectives of the failed bills.

So the batting average stands at 5 outs for humans and one home run for dogs and cats.

Your prayers and actions requested for the showdown on April 15th in the Acalanes School District vs. NOISE Coalition on the subject of removing Planned Parenthood from the District’s schools.

If you are not sure that you want to see Planned Parenthood removed from accessing the student body in the Acalanes District consider this:

According to the IRS report for 2012, the local Planned Parenthood Director, Heather Saunders Estes makes approximately $220,000,00 per year.

The abortionist, Jeffrey Waldman, in 2012 made $230,000.00…killing Contra Costa babies.

They are both living high on the destroyed lives of babies and their mothers. Planned Parenthood needs to see to it that a continual flow of pregnant women pass through their so-called clinic in order for the employees to keep up their lifestyle.

Planned Parenthood, itself, took in $29,817,508.00 at least half of which is derived from charging the state and federal government for services provided.

This is what the School district elected officials brought into the school classrooms to have private and easy access to the children of this District – Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda. AT the same time, they were being very secretive with parents as to what the students were being told by PP during these so called classes on sexual health.

One man’s idea of sexual health is another man’s idea of depravity.

Meeting date: April 15, 7:00 PM, 1963 Tice Valley Blvd, Del Valle Adult Education Center, Room 401. The school sits up on a small rise making it very hard to see. Come up the steep driveway, following the twists and turns to the top of the hill. The meeting room is on the left as a stand-alone bldg. Parking is ample, but there may also be ongoing classes that evening.

Just being there is helpful, but if you want to address the board all you need do is come to the microphone, state your name and say that you want Planned Parenthood removed from the school district.


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Explosive Sex Ed to be Debated in Legislature, School District