More Kids Being Pressured to Question their Gender

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June 8, 2015 – Lafayette, CA – NOISE Coalition News – California state Assemblyman Patrick O’Donnell, has authored a bill, AB827, entitled: Safe Schools: Safe Places to Learn Act: Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning pupil resources.

The bill was introduced on February 2, 2015 as a teacher in-service training bill. It sailed through the Assembly with no questions asked. Then on June 2
less than 24 hours before it was to be heard on the Assembly floor, the bill was gutted and turned into a promotion of the LGBT agenda for all grades 7-12
as a part of an anti-discrimination statewide school and Charter school policy.

The bill declares that it was crafted to support LGBTQ students and includes such items as:

“Peer support or affinity club and organizations”

Parents in the Acalanes School District should recognize this. It is already in the Acalanes High School as CRLC reported over the last months observing
while attending school board meetings to oppose Planned Parenthood.

“Safe spaces for LGBTQ students”

CRLC fears what this implies.

“Anti-bullying and harassment policieis, and related complaint procedures”

CRLC has learned that in one local school district grade school students are encouraged to tattle on their fellow students if they are seen supposedly
annoying other students and the incident written up on a “Tracker” report and pinned to a public board.

Counseling Services including health and “other“ curriculum materials relevant to LGBTQ students. Physical and mental health providers with experience
in treating and supporting LGBTQ youth.”

With intentionally vague but inclusive language, one can only imagine how California courts will interpret this section, we are certain of one aspect of this
however, the process isn’t going to be pretty.

The bill passed the Assembly floor 56-15 along with 6 “not-voting.” Some Republicans voted for it including newly elected Republican Assembly woman
Catharine Baker of Contra Costa County and Brian Maienschein of San Diego County. Equality California is listed as the sponsor along with a string of LGBT
and ACLU supporters.

How things work in Sacramento:

AB 827 as originally introduced.

AB 827 as amended

The California East Bay Area daily newspaper, the Contra Costa Times, on June 6th, carried a front page feature entitled, “More Kids Questioning
Their Gender.” The article reports on a Sonora, CA student who recognized by age 10 that “she” would feel more comfortable as a “he.”

Apparently, as Brittany Maynard has been used to emotionally gain acceptance for physician assisted suicide, we now have Caitlin nee Bruce Jenner, leading
the way for promotion of physician and pharmacy enabled mutilation of one’s body to cosmetically change one’s gender appearance.

“We have lifted the lid, culturally,” declares the Oakland, CA based psychologist, Diane Ehrensaft.

In one paragraph of the article the now teenage student who has undergone several surgeries including removal of the child’s ovaries and uterus and
“flattening” of the chest, with the approval of the parents, states that [s]he knew when [s]he was to years old that she wanted to be a boy and began
saving money for breast-reduction surgery, but it wasn’t until she was using the internet that the word “transgender” was made known to her/him.

Question: who told this child at age ten about breast reduction surgery? Who allowed this child to save money towards surgery? Since it appears that all of
these surgeries were done at UCSF’s gender clinic, how much of our tax money is going to pay for this mutilation?

The Catholic Church and all kinds of so-called compassionate civil rights groups are up in arms about genital mutilation of third world girls, but where
are these people to stop the mutilation of American kids?


At some point, if this bill gets passed and no one fights it, there will be a state supreme court case just like there was with abortion and a rigged state
Supreme Court – thanks to Jerry Brown’s first Governorship – declaring that as a matter of correcting sexual abuse victimization and reproductive gender
rights, there will be established a minor’s right to have a sex change.

Public education resources and/or support centers will be part of this effort complete with LGBT guest speakers in the classroom touting the joys of this
mutilative surgery to “correct nature’s mistakes.”

This bill is now awaiting a committee assignment in the Senate. Please begin to contact your senator to urge a “NO” vote on AB 827 by Patrick O’Donnell.

The bill was heard in the Assembly Appropriations committee and found to have extensive state costs to administer the program for training the thousands of
teachers and other personnel and maintaining resources and counseling. Because this is considered to be a mandated school site program the costs, as stated
in the fiscal effect report, will very likely be reimbursed by the state to every school district even though community non-profits and counseling groups
are encouraged to get involved, i.e. Planned Parenthood-style.

This will ultimately be funded by taxes.


Proposition 98/GF reimbursable state mandated costs to school districts and COEs, potentially in excess of $2.5 million. Charter schools would also incur
costs, however they are not eligible for mandate reimbursement. There are an estimated 600,000 classified and certificated staff that would be required to
be trained pursuant to this bill. Costs will depend on the approach to training. If in-person training were provided by an outside consultant in
approximately 1,000 school districts, costs could exceed $2.5 million annually. If training were provided through an online training module, costs could be
significantly less.

The bill will probably be heard first in the Senate Education Committee as it was in the Assembly.

Carol Liu (D) [Chair], Sharon Runner (R) [Vice-Chair], Marty Block (D), Loni Hancock (D), Connie Leyva (D), Tony Mendoza (D), Bill Monning (D), Richard Pan
(D), Andy Vidak (R)

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