Public Meeting Regarding Acalanes’ Relationship With Planned Parenthood Abortion Mill

Dear People of Faith,

A current issue in our public schools is the position of influence that Planned Parenthood holds over the hearts and minds of our students.  In fact, with ever changing Educational Codes, they have a growing monopoly in K-12 classes.  But their value-free sexualizing of young people is a growing concern for parents.  Breaking news on Planned Parenthood shows how deeply polarizing the medical and ethical practices of this organization are.

Because many school officials endorse the use of Planned Parenthood, parents will often be told to exercise their right to Opt Out their child.  Though this is an option to use if necessary, requesting a neutral provider for all students is the better choice.

It is time for parents to insist that sexual education, at all school levels, be taught by a non-biased provider.  School Administrators and Supervisors need to hear that parents disapprove of Planned Parenthood instructing our children.

Because Planned Parenthood already has contracts in place for the coming school year, parents need to diligently research what their children will be learning in Comprehensive Sexual Health and compare this with their family values and religious beliefs.

These are steps we suggest parents take:

Attend informational meeting taught by parents in the AUHSD.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church

1801 Lacassie Avenue, Walnut Creek, CA 94596

7:00pm – 8:30pm

Room 301

Issues discussed will be:  anonymity of instructors, requirements for instructors, marketing to students, instructing on insurance fraud, ideals of Planned Parenthood and more.

Personally review ALL material used by Planned Parenthood, including videos, hand-outs, visual aids, books etc.  Do this as early as possible in the school year to give yourself time to respond and ask questions.

Research Planned Parenthood online throughout different stages of development to see the trajectory of their ideals.

Ask to view a dvd or video of the actual material being taught.  Seeing how they what they teach is comparable to seeing the movie versus just a storyboard.

Ask to attend the actual classes.  In general, schools have an open door policy for parents.  However, some parents have been told they are not allowed to attend sexual education classes.

Spread the Word.  Forward this letter to other parents so they can be attend information meeting.

The choices our sons and daughters make regarding their sexuality have a tremendous influence on their emotional, physical, and spiritual health.  Please join us on September 8th to learn more.



Sally Wood



CA End of Life Option Act: Heavy on Forms and Protocols, Light on Ethics


August 28, 2015 – San Francisco, CA – NOISE Coalition News – AB2x-15, End of Life Option Act, authored by Assemblywoman Susan Eggman is now before the Assembly public health and developmental services Committee. Exact date of hearing not yet published. (all Sacramento phone # start with 916-319.

This bill is heavy on form and data collection. It also, once again, authorizes the “men in white coats” to be killers just as in abortion. The only considerations are whether the form was properly completed and the patient or his/her spokesperson agreed to it all.

If your Assembly member is listed here please continually remind that person that if he/she votes YES, their value to you as an elected official is also terminated. Get people to go with you to their district offices, write letters, make phone calls. Urge your Pastor/Priest/Bishop to call either the member’s district phone or the Sacramento phone. Don’t rely on community organizations to do the job by themselves. It’s your life these people are coming after. The children who survived the push for abortion are now the targets for the right to die people.

This bill is the basis for the right of certain groups of people to take your life if the community’s standards say that your life on earth is no longer beneficial to society.

Chairman: Rob Bonta,(D_Oakland) – 916-319-2018: dist. 510-286-1670.

V, Chair: Brian Maienschein, (R-) 916-3192077: San Diego 8580675-0077.

Catharine Baker, (R-San Ramon) 916-319-2016: 925-328-1515.

Susan Bonilla, (D-Concord) 9160319-2014: 925-521-1511.

Nora Campos, (D-San Jose) 2027: 408-277-1220.

Eduardo Garcia, (D-El Centro), 2056: 760-336-8912

Marc Levine,(D-San Rafael) 2010: 415-479-4920.

Chad Mayes, (R-Rancho Mirage) 2042:760-346-6342.

Miguel Santiago, (D-L.A.) 2053:213-620-4646.

Marc Steinorth, (R-Rancho Cucamonga) 2040:909-476-5023.

Mark Stone, D-Monterey)2029:831-649-2832.

Tony Thurmond, (D-Oakland) 2015:510-286-1400.

Jim Wood, (D-Sta Rosa) 2002:707-445-7014.

Notice that there are only 4 Republicans on this committee of 13. Our job is to convince half plus one members [7 total] of this committee to vote NO on this bill.

Here are the main items of the bill:

  1. Attending Physician, as referred to, can mean any physician who is on duty at the time. This is not your family or lifelong friendly doctor.
  2. Removes any penalties or criminal charges for any medical personnel involved in providing the aid-in-dying.
  3. Aid-in-Dying refers to the prescribed drug to be used to terminate a patient’s life.
  4. Assisted Sucide has no negative effects on one’s life insurance, and, presumably, one’s ability to inherit from the patient.
  5. Establishes a felony if a physicna or other medical person changes or forges a right to die form without the patient’s consent. This applies if the patient is conscience and able to communicate. Newly signed AB637 gives nurses and doctors the right to change from full medical treatment to assisted suicide if the patient is incompetent.)
  6. Physician will complete certain state required forms following patient’s death.
  7. Patient is 18 years of age or older.
  8. Is a resident of the state: showing at least one of a long list of items to prove residency.
  9. Requires completion of a long list of patient data following patient’s demise to be submitted to the state.

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Two San Francisco Bay Area Pro-Life Rallies: Concord & San Ramon


August 17, 2015 – San Francisco, CA – NoiseCoalitionNews – Help protest at two locations on separate days against Planned Parenthood’s abortion mill and to stop California’s death panel legislation.

Saturday, August 22nd, several national and statewide organizations are co-hosting protest rallies at various Planned Parenthood facilities across the state in response to the Center for Medical Progress’ expose of Planned Parenthood’s involvement, procurement and sale of baby body parts for questionable research practices.

Our movement is on a roll; the last rally at Concord PP brought almost 100 protesters.

Speaking of being on a roll, the limited temporary restraining order which an LA Court declared against Center for Medical Progress – enjoining further distribution of the horrific undercover videos shot at Planned Parenthood which the Center has been releasing with regularity – has upon hearing been entirely lifted.

The net effect is that CMP can continue its expose while we all work to defund Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry and criminally prosecute those who have committed criminal offenses


  • CONCORDPlanned Parenthood of Northern California Headquarters

WHERE: Corner of Grant and Pacheco Sts, Concord, California. Ample parking in covered lots available one block south of protest.

WHEN 10:00 AM – 12:00 Noon, Saturday, August 22, 2015.

CONTACT: For more information on this site call 925-944-5351


  • SAN RAMONEnd-Of-Life Rally To Stop CA State Legislative Senate Bill 128

WHERE:  San Ramon – Assemblywoman Catharine Baker’s District Office 2440 Camino Ramon @ Bishop Ranch

WHEN: 11:45 AM, Monday, August 24, 2015 Rally against passage of SB 128, Sen. Lois Wolk’s End-of-Life legislation.

CONTACT: For more information on this site call 925-944-5351

PURPOSE: The state legislature has just been gaveled into session; it is believed that Senators Wolk & Monning will take up their death-dealing bill [death panels] by next week. This bill puts the authority of the state behind Assisted Suicide. Assisted suicide which will become just another service provided by your (un)friendly medical professionals. Legislators must be urged to oppose this bill with a resounding NO vote.

Assemblywoman Baker has been noncommittal on the issue.

For further information please call Randy Thomason of SaveCalifornia, 916-265-5651 or see the website.

Baker was also one of two Republicans who co-authored Richard Pan’s SB277, the mandatory vaccine bill prohibiting un vaccinated children from attending public, private or charter school. This bill is seen not as a health protective bill, but as a usurpation of parental rights for the health care of their children.

ACTIVIST CORNER: Petitions on referendum to overturn SB277, mandated vaccines bill’s refusal to acknowledge personal beliefs exemptions. I have some petitions if you would want one let me know.925-899-3064.


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StemExpress Crushed In Court: Ctr. For Medical Progress Cleared To Release Videos

August 13, 2015 – San Francisco, CA – NOISE Coalition News – In a crushing defeat for Stem Express, a California Superior Court has just ruled against the company’s lawsuit to halt the release of further videos by Center for Medical Progress which has been engaged in a massive expose of Planned Parenthood’s method of operation and practices.

In making the decision, the court asserted:

“First, this proposed injunction would constitute a prior restraint on the Defendants’ rights under the First Amendment and the parallel protections under the California Constitution. US Const. Amend. I; Cal. Const. Art. 1, § 2. Therefore, it is unlikely that the preliminary injunction will ultimately be granted.”

And, additionally:

“Second, even if Plaintiff’s evidence demonstrates that the videotapes were obtained in violation of Penal Code Section 632, Section 632 does not prohibit the disclosure of information gathered in violation of its terms. Lieberman v. KCOP Television, Inc. (2003) 110 Cal.App. 4th 156, 167. For that reason, the Court is unlikely to enjoin the dissemination of the tapes. Nor does Penal Code Section 637.2 help Plaintiffs. That section permits a person injured by a violation of Penal Code Section 632 “to bring an action to enjoin and restrain” such violation. It does not permit an action to prevent the dissemination of the unlawfully obtained recording.”

The Alliance Defending Freedom which represented the Ctr. for Med. Progress issued the following statement:

“…regarding a Superior Court of the State of California decision Thursday in StemExpress v. The Center for Medical Progress, which prohibits a biomedical company from accessing the material of an investigative journalist exposing Planned Parenthood’s selling of fetal body parts:  ‘People who don’t have anything to hide don’t go to court to stop journalists from reporting the truth. The court was right to deny StemExpress’ request to gain access to damaging material against them obtained through solid investigative journalism. Americans have the right to know the truth about Planned Parenthood’s sale of baby body parts and the ‘fiscal rewards’ Stem Express says that it provides to abortion clinics,’ said Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund President Chuck LiMandri. As has been more than apparent from the videos that have been released, StemExpress and Planned Parenthood have plenty to hide. These videos not only expose the potential illegality of Planned Parenthood’s actions, they expose the grisly, inhuman nature of Planned Parenthood’s business,’ said Life Defense Foundation vice President of Legal Affairs Catherine Short.”

Demonstrating the extraordinary level of pro-abortion sentiment in the media, as we go to press we cannot find a single report dealing with this matter, the  entire search field is taken up by week old news regarding the controversy, clearly a media wide cheerleading effort to support PP.

To view decision please take below link:


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13 California Legislators Demand a State Audit of Planned Parenthood

August 5, 2015 – Sacramento, CA – NOISE Coalition News – On August 3, a total of 13 California State Legislators signed a letter addressed to Mike Gibson, Chair of the Joint Legislative Audit Committee, calling for a complete audit of Planned Parenthood.

The signatories include:

Melissa A. Melendez, Assemblywoman, 67th District
William P. Brough, Assemblyman, 73rd District
Beth Gaines, Assemblywoman, 6th District
Ted Gaines, Senator, 1st District
James A. Gallagher, Assemblyman, 3rd District
Shannon L. Grove, Assemblywoman, 34th District
Young O. Kim, Assemblywoman, 65th District
Devon J. Mathis, Assemblyman, 26th District
Donald P. Wagner, Assemblyman, 68th District
Marie Waldron, Assemblywoman, 75th District
Jim Patterson, Assemblyman, 23rd District
Tom W. Lackey, Assemblyman, 36th District
Brian W. Jones Assemblyman, 71st District

The group’s main concern is to determine:

“the extent to which California tax revenues were used in the illegal purchase or sale of human fetal tissue and the extent to which these monies have been used in abortion procedures in which the patient’s consent was either violated or fraudulently induced.”

The question has arisen due to the growing scandal made public in an ongoing series of undercover videos – produced by the Center for Medical Progress – allegedly showing Planned Parenthood engaging in the trafficking of organs and body parts obtained from aborted babies.

The group asserts that:

“Numerous directors of Planned Parenthood affiliates across the state have reportedly been in direct violation of federal law by seeking to sell human organs for profit.”

The 13 also note that since California annually distributes $200M to Planned Parenthood through various agencies and that billions of dollars have been generated through state guaranteed bonds for purposes of fetal tissue research, that conducting the audit is critical in order to assure that any state-connected funding going to Planned Parenthood is spent in a lawful manner.

Click on the below link for full-sized document.

PP Audit Letter (Signed)

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Major Anti Planned Parenthood Demonstration Concord, CA August 22, 2015, 10am-Noon









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Do California Officials Hold the Power of Life and Death?


1920 Monument Blvd, #309. Concord, Ca 94520




By CAMILLE GIGLIO, Legislative Analyst

August 4, 2015 – Walnut Creek, CA – CA Right To Life Committee News – This is a continuation of the report on California’s legislative assaults on family and human life and how the state Departments of Education and Health play a part in this process.

The following bills are, for the most part being heard in either the Assembly or Senate Appropriations Committees: Assembly-916-319-2081, Senate-916-651-4101.

AB775, David Chiu, (D-S.F.) Reproductive FACT Act. Freedom, Accountability, Comprehensive Care, and Transparency. Basing his bill on previous legislation enacting a woman’s right-to-choose (including minors) this bill actually challenges the freedom of choice for certain businesses and groups by requiring pro life pregnancy centers to advertise for abortion services at other facilities. In other words, Birthright and other counseling centers would be required to place notices in their offices or at their front doors stipulating that they do not perform abortions and referring women to places that do.

Endorsed by State Attorney General Kamala Harris – who has refused to call for an investigation into Planned Parenthood’s fetal sales connections – and 38 other pro abortion groups. It is opposed by 8 Pro Life agencies and “numerous individuals.” LOCATION: Senate Floor. Call your own state Senator or go online to to contact your legislator or read the full bill.

AB101, Louis Alejo, (D-Salinas), Pupil Instruction: Ethnic Studies. Creates three (3) levels of educational oversight committees to improve educational results with an elective type course in Social Studies beginning with pre-schoolers.

Increasing awareness of ethnic groupings while reducing studies of American government and history is apparently Alejo’s method of combating harassment, by taking up class time with indoctrinational material to encourage acceptance. It passed every committee with overwhelming majorities, including some Republicans, indicating that none of these elected officials have a clue about creating acceptance of others. LOCATION: Senate Appropriations.

SB695, Kevin De Leon, School Health Education: Sexual Harassment Training. Another Planned Parenthood bill. This bill presumes that Planned Parenthood will solve the sexual harassment problems just like Alejo thinks his bill will solve ethnic harassment.

Mandates inclusion of sexual harassment and violence training in the next health ed framework.

This is, at least, the 5th segment of health ed that has been designed, like a tight-fitting dress, to encompass Planned Parenthood’s measurements. Sexual involvement, contraception, HIV instructions, gender identity instruction. Expect PP to be in the schools full time very shortly.

LOCATION: Assembly Appropriations.

AB104, Shirley Weber and SB 77 Education Finance Committee, were merged into the Education Finance: Education Omnibus Trailer Bill. Signed by Gov. Brown on 6/24/15.

It appropriates $3.8 billion in Prop 98 one-time funding, of which $3.2 billion goes to K-12 and $600m to community colleges to implement many of the bills about which CRLC has been reporting and which are held in the Appropriations committees especially regarding child care and development and early childhood education.

It expands involvement in child care and toddler “education.” Invites outside agencies to provide “wrap- around Care.” i.e. full services, Career technical education incentives “pathways”, more free meals for more students, more data collection on students, both minors and adult ed participants. Gives specialfunds to certain school districts, and much more. But, there is nothing here that comes close to academic improvement or advancement.

AB766, Sebastian Ridley-Thomas, (D-Culver City) Public School Health Center Support Program.

THIS IS A PLANNED PARENTHOOD BILL. This expands school based health centers.

Here is one of the purposes for getting so many kids onto Medi-Cal. They can then call for funding to provide special assistance and services in schools to “under represented” students, i.e. children from lower-income families who are on the free lunch programs or receiving insurance coverage through Medi-Cal.

Related bills, SB 118, Liu, renames these centers the School-Based health and Education Partnership Program and creates new funding by claiming to prevent obesity,asthma, alcohol and substance abuse, and mental health. Once again. Social services in the school, not academic instruction.

SB1025, Tony Thurmond, (D-Oakland, establishes a 3 year pilot program to encourage all of the above and more.

AB1133, Achadjian, sets up more mental health centers in schools. Sounds like he is taking up the efforts started by Sen. Leland Yee before his arrest on criminal charges of graft. Several bills from previous years failed to accomplish this goal, some accomplished portions of this goal – to use the schools to indoctrinate students into the manner of thinking and acting that the state deems appropriate behavior.

We still have two very serious bills, SB 19, POLST, and SB 128, both Lois Wolk bills. SB 128 has been turned into a two year bill meaning that it can be taken up again any time after summer recess but before the end of January. Both bills are in the Assembly Appropriations. SB128 has been turned into a two year bill so it will stay in Appropriations waiting for a vote when the new session starts up in December.

©2015 Camille Giglio, CA Right To Life Committee