Protest Planned Parenthood – Saturday October 10th 2015

killbabe1smOn August 22, 2015, pro-lifers gathered at Planned Parenthood centers nationwide to protest the abortion giant’s scandalous trafficking in the body parts of aborted babies. Over 78,000 people turned out at 354 sites throughout the United States and in six foreign countries.

The Concord Rally had 300 people in attendance.

On October 10, 2015, pro-lifers will once again hit the streets and sidewalks outside Planned Parenthood facilities in protest, with a goal of bringing our message to even more Planned Parenthood facilities.

Be a part of the media that covers the Pro Life support for life as we call for the end of government funding of abortion.

CONCORD RALLY: 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM. 2185 Pacheco St. Concord. Ca (corner of Pacheco and Grant Sts).

CONTACT: Joni Durling, 925-550-3122

Sponsored by: Shield for the Unborn, California Right to Life, The Issues4Life Foundation,Bay Area Pro Life, Frederick Douglas Foundation of Ca, California Civil Rights Foundation, The N.O.I.S.E. Coalition, And NorCal Survivors.

Our mailing address is: California Right to Life Educational Fund, PO Box 4343, Walnut Creek, CA 94596

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The Angel Of Death Stalks Onward: “Right to Die” Bill On Way To CA Gov. Brown

Again today yet another phone call was received, this time from a woman recounting the story of how three years ago Hospice denied her father the care he needed and requested creating the causal situation leading to his death.

This daughter wants to encourage everyone to take an active public stand, encourage everyone you can to contact the Governor to Veto the End-Of-Life Option Bill, AB2x-15 by Asm Susan Eggman, (D-fresno). She is working on reaching the general public in her community with the truth about Right to Die legislation.

How about you? Please call the Governor’s office starting right now. Register your opposition to chaptering this terribly misguided piece of legislation into law.

SACRAMENTO – 916-445-2841. If this line is too busy, then call the next number.

SAN FRANCISCO-415-703-2218.


SB19, Lois Wolk, POLST Form. Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment.

Sponsor: Coalition for Compassionate Care of California – CCCC. Sets up an e-registry connected to the Emergency Medical Services authority and its allies and collecting data on all patients in the state. Eventual goal is total state residents enrollment in the POLST end of life authorization care and treatment funneling everyone into state controlled and supervised end of life goals.

SB464, Ed. Hernandez, (D), Healing Arts: Self-Reporting Tools. Expands school site services to the LGBT students, training for teachers and greater access to mixed use public (once single sex) rooms.

Other states:

Oregon school district allowing male students to shower and urinate in girls locker room.

Missouri: “Missouri Teenagers Protest a Transgender Student’s Use of the Girls’ BathroomSeptember 1, 2015, New York Times article.

AB827, Patrick O’Donnell, (D)( Safe Place to Learn Act. Pupil Resouorces. Provides at taxpayer expense actual in-school resources for LGBT counseling.

SB792, Tony Mendoza,(D), Day Care Facilities: Immunizations: Exemptions. Prohibits employing child care workers unless they meet state mandated immunization regulations.

This is government micromanaging private sector businesses.



September 9, 2015

Sacramento, CA – In light of today’s narrow passage of assisted suicide legislation by the California State Assembly, a national expert on assisted suicide and euthanasia points out a fundamental flaw with today’s floor debate.

The assemblymembers didn’t focus on the bill’s language,” said Margaret Dore, president of Choice is an Illusion, regarding ABX2-15, which is modeled on similar laws in Oregon and Washington State.  “The bill is sold as giving people choice and control at the end of life. Yet the bill’s language is stacked against the patient and applies to people with years, even decades, to live.”

The bill applies to people with a ‘terminal disease,’ which is defined as having less than six months to live.  Most people thinks this means ‘dying,’” Dore said.  “However, in Oregon, which uses a nearly-identical definition of terminal disease, an 18-year-old with insulin-dependent diabetes is ‘eligible’ for assisted suicide.  Doctors are often wrong at predicting life expectancy.  Sadly, this bill encourages people with years, even decades, to live to throw away their lives.”

In my law practice, I started out working in guardianships, wills and probate, and saw abuse of all kinds, especially where there was money involved (where there’s a will, there are heirs),” Dore explained.  “The California bill sets up the perfect crime: your heir can actively participate in signing you up for the lethal dose and once the lethal dose is in the home, there’s no oversight –not even a witness is required. If you resisted or struggled, who would know?” 

The Assembly got caught up in the concept of the bill, when the devil was in the details of the bill text,” Dore said.  “Hopefully, when it goes to the Senate, there will be a closer examination of the text and the raft of problems in the bill. Governor Brown should ready his veto pen for this deceptive legislation.”

Health Care For Seniors, AKA Death Care


September 8, 2015 – San Francisco, CA – NOISE Coalition News – Governor Brown must begin hearing from you beginning September 8th to veto AB15b, the so-called End-Of-Life Option Act.

[Contact: 916-445-2841 or via Email:]

Think about this folks. Everything about the abortion industry is cloaked in hidden meaning. “Reproductive Rights,” Healthcare for women,” all these phrases are code words for death for a baby.

Palliative Care for seniors means dehydration and starvation and eventual death for the senior or disabled individual.   Neither of these are health care.

Clarke Forsythe, senior legal counsel for Americans United for Life and author of “The Abuse of Discretion,” was speaking at a recent Federalist Society meeting in San Francisco. It seems that the papers from some of the retired and deceased members of the Supreme Court involved with the Roe v Wade decision are now open for inspection. Mr. Forsythe wrote a book called “Abuse of Discretion” reporting on what he learned from these papers.

The book begins by declaring that “Roe and Doe began, in the Supreme Court, as a serious procedural mistake resulting from a case in the California Courts referred to as Younger v Harris that left the Justices without any factual record to consider the complex historical, legal, medical and constitutional issues surrounding abortion.”

The important words here being…”without any factual record.” That may well have been one of the reasons that people like then pro abortion Dr. Bernard Nathanson always claimed that he and his group just made up some figures about the women who died from back alley abortions. When it was realized that this was an improper follow up to that case certain justices, basically said, oh, well, let’s just go on and make this an abortion decision.

Then 20 years later came Planned Parenthood v Casey (former Governor of Pennsylvania)which said that prohibitions against abortion placed undue burdens on a pregnant woman. Again, with little to no factual data. This was followed by The Carhart Decision which claimed that abortion was safer than childbirth for women. Again, no factual data to back it. This phrase, according to the research conducted by Mr. Forsythe came from one line in an obscure book written by a pro abortion writer whose name was never brought to light.

There were no facts presented to prove that then. There are no facts present today to declare that palliative care is best for terminally ill, disabled or depressed patients, yet that’s the claim being made.

Abortion was never , nor ever will be better or safer than birth; and starving a patient to death will never be better than some pain and discomfort attached to a terminal illness. Palliative Care is DeathCare.

It’s another department within the health care industry authorized to kill innocent human beings because some carefully contrived slogan said life would be an undue burden.

Present Situation:

On September 8, AB15b, End of Life Options (formerly SB128) will receive its last legislative approval and be sent to the Governor. This is the basic authorizing bill giving members of the medical profession (not just doctors) the right to decide if your life is worth the effort to heal or not.

SB19, Lois Wolk, POLST. This is the piece of paper that these deathcare industry people seek in order to legitimately take away life from ill people. It, too, is up for a final floor vote on the Assembly floor in the next few days. Call your Assembly member and urge a NO vote.

Getting patients to the point where they will submit to Palliative care is contingent on obtaining the patient’s approval and a signature on a POLST form. Contained in this and in federal legislation is a section on mandating consultations and to entice the medical profession to hold these consultations. The US Dept of Health requested that the Center for Medicare and Medicaid develop a proposal to add a new payment schedule to the rules, for consultation fees to be provided by the doctor or other designated medical personnel. (read further…)

Do Not Assume That Either Of These Bills Are Being Heavily Opposed By Religious Groups On Your Behalf – Call your Assembly member yourself, especially the Democrats and most especially the Catholic Democrats. These two bills got through both houses of the legislature because all these legislators voted for them without reservation.

On The Federal Level:

The Revisions to payment policy;D=CMS-2015=0081

CMS-2015-0081. Closes its public comment period on September 8th.

This proposal would authorize Medicare, amending Title XVlll of the Social Security Act to allow the government (we taxpayers) to pay for consultations by government trained consultants and associates to discuss with a patient just how that particular patient (maybe you) would like to end their lives.

Remember: We the taxpayers are paying for killing babies and now the government wants to force us to pay for consultations to convince patients and families to terminate the lives of our senior family members. But, this is merely a proposal. It needs legislation to appropriate the funding.

S. 1549 by Virginia Senator Mark Warner, (D) MediCare Beneficiaries Illness Care Coordination. Shortened version the Care Planning  Act of 2015. This Act  Appropriates $15M for one year to train, advocate and advertise for the right of a patient with a terminal illness to seek consultation which would be paid for by the taxpayer.

The training of the consultants will be for developing talking points to encourage patients to sign the POLST form. The advocacy and advertising will be to convince people to accept that they have a right to die at an appointed time with the assistance of a medically prescribed drug provided by a pharmacist.

HR 3251 by Iowa Congressman Steve King, (R) Exclude Advance care Planning Under Medicare. Would prohibit amending Title XVlll to include payment for consultations. Cong. King needs your support to fight for a hearing for this bill which is sitting in the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Email to:

If AB15b passes and the idea of consultations is in the bill, this will become a lobbying tool for Warner to further promote his legislation.

GOP CA Legislator, Catherine Baker Joins RATS, Votes For Death Panels

California Right to Life Committee
1920 Monument Blvd, #309
Concord, CA 9452
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On September 1, 2015, a totally trumped up vote was held on AB2x-15, the Asm Susan Talamantes Eggman, (D-Stockton) newly submitted End-Of-Life Act. Note that this is the first time we have seen this woman’s maiden name added to her signature. She is trying with this bill, to induce support for killing off elderly patients within the Latino Community, apparently.

Looking at the included voting list for the Assembly Public Health and Development Services Committee, hastily called by the Governor as a special health care. Medicare hearing, one can readily see the recorded votes. Assemblywoman Catharine Baker’s name heads the list. She and Mainschein, two of the 4 Republicans on the 13 member committee, voted with the Democrats.

This is Baker’s second departure from Republican Principles to side with the democrats on health related bills. The first was the vaccination mandate, SB277. She was quoted in today’s Contra Costa Times as stating: I’ve had concerns about this bill from the beginning but having this option still allows me as a Christian to try and change someone’s mind.”

This is the same wimpy excuse she gave for becoming a co-author of the vaccine bill. She wants to be “at the table” to more easily make amendments. Well, it’s too late for amendments now.

Ms Baker seems to be getting some very bad guidance from someone in her camp. She is alienating herself from the group of voters who worked hard for her election. In both instances she has said loud and clear that she believes the state is a better judge than the individual in issues of very important life issues. She is signaling to monied interests that her vote is up for grabs to the highest bidder.

The bill apparently goes next to an Assembly Finance Committee then to a conference committee before going to the Governor. Do not, for one minute put your belief in any media report that the Governor may not sign the bill or veto it. Please keep pressure on the Governor to VETO this death sentence for our population of senior and vulnerable patients including children.

The bill contains authorization for payment to doctors or medical team members who perform face to face consultations with patients on end of life schedules. It doesn’t need to be a doctor, it can be a nurse practitioner or whomever, as a part of the end of life care team wants to perform this little song and dance. A monetary value will be put on the success rate of the consultant in obtaining a signed form, most likely the POLST form SB19, still one of Lois Wolk’s bills. which is still alive and heading for a final vote. To send an OPPOSE letter to Sen. Wolk send it to her aide Monica Schalenberger at Do it quickly.


In a similar vein there is a federal bill, Senate bill S.1549 by Sen. Mark Warner, Advanced Illness Care Coordination Act. This bill is 800 pages! It amends Title Xvll of the Social Security Act on MediCare and its beneficiares.

It authorizes $5,000,000.00 in three separate categories for the year 2017 to train consultants in end of life care consultation techniques.

Payments for the time spent in consultations.

References to forms to be used which has a great similarity to the POLST form.

Sen. Warner had another similar bill S 1439 in 2013 which failed passage. He is determined to institute new rules and regulations to which the states will have to conform. This bill is in a US Senate Finance Committee hearing but no date yet.


The US Secretary of Health has commissioned the MediCare program to set up the new standards for Payments for a large number of health care “services” including the end-of-life consultations. This, too, is a huge Proposal. Public comment is being accepted until September 8 when the open comment period will end.

It includes all the segments also contained in the Warner bill and reflected in the California End of Life Option Act, AB2x-15 or as it is sometimes displayed AB15b, meaning special session #2.

In the meantime our office continues to get calls from frantic family members begging for help in protecting their loved one, patient from the end-of-life teams coming to unplug the patient. These people, by the way, those who actually pull the plug, come from the hospital office of admittance or discharge, usually, and are often referred to as the Angels of death.

Thanks to legislators like Baker and Mainschein and all the Democrats, we the taxpaying citizens will now become partners with these angels of death in delivering death in the form of suffocation from lack of oxygen or an actual prescription medication that came out of the same pharmacy that you might use for your cough medicine.

This isn’t health, this is state authorized killing, but only by authorized and trained and approved scientific killers.

Ca. Right to Life Cmte, 1920 Monument Blvd, #309, Concord, 94520. Donations gratefully accepted.