Is Fox Pro-Illegal Immigration, Anti-Cruz or Both?


December 19, 2015 – San Francisco, CA – NOISECoalition News – What is Fox News doing? Are they trying to help knock-out Senator Ted Cruz by what I consider to be intentional misrepresentation of his actions regarding Democrat Charles Schumer’s 2013 immigration bill, co-sponsored by Sen. Marco Rubio?

For the record, I haven’t chosen a candidate, nor am I asking you to choose one.

I would however like to illustrate how media personalities play politics, using the Rubio campaign’s coordinated attack on Ted Cruz’s position on immigration over the last week as a good example.

In 2013, Senate bill 744 – Border Security, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Reform – was authored by Democrat Sen. Charles Schumer, N.Y. It was co-authored by Republican Sen. Marco Rubio, Fl, and a mix of Democrats and the more liberal element of Republicans referred to at that time as the “Gang of Eight.”

The bill passed the Senate with the help of 14 Republicans [the gang of RINOS?] including – of course – Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Orrin Hatch and Kelly Ayotte.


Senator Ted Cruz voted AGAINST the bill. Actually Cruz took his opposition a bit father by trying to attach a so-called “poison pill” amendment which would have certainly scuttled the effort [see, Politico].

Rubio was quoted at that time as saying: His support was “personal.” he supported “law-abiding undocumented immigrants.

Welcoming undocumented immigrants includes giving them citizenship and the unspoken privilege of voting? This is self-contradictory; how can one be a law-abiding immigrant after having illegally entered the country?

Sen. Cruz claims that he didn’t favor the bill and his final roll call vote proves that as did the parliamentary tricks he used in an attempt to disrupt the process of adoption. One of his amendments stripped out voting privileges, knowing the Dems wouldn’t support it because voting privileges for illegal aliens are, and remain, their key goal. Cruz was merely exercising a strategy that is used all the time at the national, state and even level.

Cutting to the chase, the entire premise of the bill was wrong and Rubio’s disingenuous maneuvering, while being given aid and cover by the DC establishment’s media cohorts – which now unfortunately includes Fox News – fails to convince upon closely examining the issue.

As a side note, one of GOP Senators to vote for the bill was Lamar Alexander [R, KY] whose very flawed legislation, S. 1177, Every Student is a Success Act – ESSA [a remake of the disastrous GW Bush legacy, No Child Left Behind Act] just passed.

As to the actual vote on S 744, Cruz voted NO, but Senator Rubio DID NOT VOTE. Though motives are difficult to assess, Marco’s failure to try to kill the bill is a pretty clear sign that despite his claimed conservatism, it’s his duplicity which is primarily on display.

End note:

Senate bill 1177 is like Frankenstein’s monster, a combination of at least 10 other bad bills, authored both by Dems and Republicans which I will cover early next year. Merry Christmas to you all, may the New Year be much kinder to children and families than this one has been.


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Stephanie Block on the Basics of Saul Alinsky’s Model of Cultural Marxist Subversion

December 14, 2015 – San Francisco, CA – NoiseCoalitionNews – Not that many American’s are aware of the role that Saul Alinsky played in igniting the culture war which has produced so many profoundly troubling effects.

Perhaps even fewer are aware of the fact that Barack Hussein Obama’s “community organizing” career carefully followed the Alinsky model, not so coincidentally in Chicago which was the political hub of Alinsky’s power base.

It’s not an accident that modern political activism is largely based upon one of Alinsky’s central themes, “identify a target, fix it and then kill it.”

Alinsky played for keeps, so does today’s left and it’s important for traditionalists to understand this process if it hopes to eventually triumph.

End of the Year Legislative Report: 2015


December 11, 2015 – Lafayette, CA – NOISE Coalition News _ It has been a year in which some of the legislation, most hostile to life and family rights has been signed into law by a Governor who constantly reminds us that he was once a Catholic seminary student.

During the 2015 legislative term California Right to Life tracked 74 bills in the area of Health and Education with two subtitles of Workforce Development and Right to Life. Six bills were vetoed, about 32 were chaptered. The rest either died in committee or are being carried over for a late vote, or were gutted and amended into some other bill. We have also received calls from the media or from Grad school journalism majors inquiring about why we opposed bills. Often we were the only opposition to anti family bills, including Planned Parenthood sponsored bills. You may see the reports filed throughout the year by visiting

CRLC was also very involved in the continuing efforts to remove Planned Parenthood from the Acalanes (Lafayette, Ca) School district during this year working with two parents from the district and members of the These are teenagers and college aged students trained to defend life on school campuses.

To the best of our knowledge the school district, though voting to continue with the Comprehensive sexual health classes, has not brought Planned Parenthood back into the schools. To see those reports link to the Noise Coalition website:

We have become involved with two coalitions of pro family and anti-Assisted Suicide groups whose members cover a broad spectrum of states. And, we are assisting in the distribution of two California ballot petitions, one, a referendum on Assisted Suicide and the other a state Constitutional Amendment to protect and promote Parental Notification when a minor abortion seeks an abortion. Both of these initiatives, if they receive enough signatures, will appear on the 2016 November General Ballot.

There are currently 100 petitions on a variety of subjects seeking approval for the upcoming elections. You may read them all by going to the Office of the Attorney General (Kamala Harris) clicking on ballot measures.

It is going to be necessary to spend more time researching some of the Congressional pieces of legislation. This recently passed Every Student Succeeds Act – ESSA – USS. 1177, authored by Lamar Alexander. ® and New York Senator, Patty Murray, (D), firmly establishes a strong centralized federally controlled and funded educational curriculum. According to the website: by Charlotte Iserbyt, it has taken 50 years of legislative manipulation, , but the political left has finally taken charge of the nation’s educational programs.

One wonders if the election of state representatives will become a thing of the past? Consider the combination of the feds taking over health care i.e. Obamacare; which includes abortion and Assisted suicide plus the delivery of health care, vaccinations, sex ed, mental health counseling etc. to students through the “community School;” and Education, which includes planning each child’s education and future workforce employment path; plus “wrap around” social services, then, throw in regionalized government (hand-picked and appointed, not elected, officials to plan housing, transportation, re-settlement of ethnic groups to make neighborhoods conform to equity and social justice principles

We may very well have in the near future, totally controlled, centralized, planned and budgeted, communities.

It is perceived by many that these will be the areas of of intense observation and research and reporting for ths next year.

We wish to thank all our generous supporters who enabled us to bring this information to you. We hope to be able to continue our work throughout 2016. We do need financial assistance to do this.

A quick overview of expenses and donations for 2015 until now indicates that we broke even. We received $3,315 in donations and spent $3,243.00 in subscriptions, office supplies, legislative researching, mailing and postage costs. A more complete report on our financial situation will be available just after the new year.

Please consider keeping us on your list of organizations to support financially and being as generous as possible. We are a IRS 501 C-4 organization. This means that we are an organization designed to speak to public policy issues. We are a non-profit organization but this status does not carry a tax deductible authorization. We are not a membership organization, anyone is welcome to use our material. We are able to exist on the generosity of donors. We are an organization of unpaid volunteers.

Please forward our reports to other people who might appreciate our information.

God bless you during this Christmas Season and all year through. Stay healthy, keep your children and grandchildren close in your arms and heart and hold onto hope in the coming year.

Camille Giglio, Director Ca. Right to Life Committee
1920 Monument Blvd, #309
Concord, Ca 94520

PS: Anyone in the San Francisco East Bay area wishing to distribute Parental Notification petitions for signatures, please let us know. We will mail small amounts or you can come by and pick up larger amounts.