California Right to Life News for 10.24.2016

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“We frequently need other people’s help to figure out what God wants of us. It is relatively easy to sort out what is bad from what is good, but it is much more difficult to sort out what is good from what is better and what is bad from what is worse. The Holy Spirit gives us the counsel we need through external and internal signs of grace.” — Rev. Jude Winkler, p. 35

  • San Francisco. A frantic daughter called for help in defending her mother’s right to live and receive the medical care to which she was entitled. It was an urgent situation in which a San Francisco Bay Area hospital was attempting to force Assisted Suicide on a Ninety-three year old woman patient during the week of 10.17.16. This is only the latest of several calls received since ObamaCare and, especially California’s Assisted Suicide bill became law.
  • Prayers are still needed for this woman who, though saved from death (for the time being) at the hands of the medical profession now needs to have a new facility found that will care for her needs and nutrition. Late in the 3rd day of no food and water a judge stepped forward to issue a temporary restraining order requiring the hospital to re-institute the necessary care. The woman still has suffers from apparent mismanagement of her care in this facility as well as a previous facility.
  • Donald Trump. Presidential Candidate, has received the support of pro-life groups for his apparent pledge to defend the Pain Capable Unborn Child Act and his frequently stated promise to defund Planned Parenthood. However, a glance at the liberal media’s reporting on this subject would indicate that they and he aren’t sure if he will do that or not.
  • As a reminder, in February of this year, Trump said Planned Parenthood was a “good” organization, it helped women. In November now he is saying that he will consider defunding PP.
  • He, further, says that if he’s elected Roe v Wade will be overturned because he will appoint pro-life Justices who will, themselves, automatically overturn Roe. But that means some group or groups will have to bring up a lawsuit that will make its way to the Supreme Court.
  • But, what about the June 29, 1992, Supreme Court decision known as Planned Parenthood v Casey that re-affirmed Roe? What happens to that law?  Will overturning Roe v Wade have any bearing in California?  Several other areas of law were affected through unethical and immoral decisions based on Roe.
  • The Question in Casey was: Can a state require women who want an abortion to obtain informed consent, wait 24 hours and, if minors, obtain parental consent, without violating their right to abortion guaranteed by Roe v Wade?
  • Planned Parenthood has seen to it here in California that abortion is a wide open, no restraints or oversight on service to women and teens. Also defunding Planned Parenthood will be a great idea but in California the California taxpayer pays for abortions and we are close to a super majority of Democrats in the legislature.
  • On the positive side if Roe is overturned that will put the abortion fight back into the states. the Several states such as California that have their own state laws on abortion, contraception, etc. will have the right to bring cases to court or legislation and attempt to bring abortion under supervised control or done away with completely. It will be years, however, of continued efforts. California Pro-Lifers have to have the will to continue to demand protection and respect for human life from its officials and medical personnel.
  • On the down side, if Hillary Clinton obtains the Presidency she will work with Planned Parenthood to expand even further, their stronghold on women’s health and reproductive services.
  • Abortion will no doubt become federally funded, regulations will be set by the federal government. Who knows but what a President favorable to the oppressive objectives of Planned parenthood could even expand their goals under the Executive Order approach.
  • Personally like Donald Trump or dislike his implied lack of leadership and planning skills, but if the children and the elderly are to have protection of and respect for their lives, Trump as President is our one renewed chance to defeat Obamacare with its abortion and euthanasia agenda imbedded in the programs in this country.
  • As a Senator Hillary Clinton made calls in to California supporting Planned Parenthood and opposing, along with the California Medical Association, prop 85 which would have required Parental Notification. That prop was defeated, narrowly and Planned Parenthood now has wide-open access to all our children for instruction in PP’s brand of healthy living.
  • Thanks in part to Hillary’s support of PP Cecile Richards, National Director of Planned Parenthood personally takes home $1 M a year of your tax money. The Planned Parenthood local clinic director in your town is probably making a six figure income at least, according to IRS form 990s’ which have been read by Pro Life researchers.
  • A serious side-effect of this leniency toward PP and its promotion of birth control pills and hormonal pills is depression. Is your teenager often depressed? Articles abound now on this subject online. Even the Washington Post published an article on the prevalence of depression in those who use artificial birth control.  The liberal media, such as the Huffington Post carry articles that declare if your child is depressed give her more birth control pills so she won’t forget to use birth control while being sexually active.
  • Drug overdosing and depression are now considered to be the leading causes of suicide and, therefore, the source of an increased amount of donated organs for transplanting.
  • California has proposition 64 on the ballot that will legalize Marijuana. The easier access to this drug could be a leading source of drug overdosing.  Organs for transplanting has become a lucrative business for those who act as resource personnel. More drugs in play, more overdosing, more depression and death from overdosing, more organs for transplanting.

FORTY DAYS FOR LIFE is still in effect. There is a 40 Days program active in Walnut Creek outside the Oakland Ave Planned Parenthood clinic in Walnut Creek. Last weekend along with those praying was a large van sometimes referred to as the Stork Bus which provides free sonograms for women who can see the truth of the existence of a human child in their womb.

We understands that the local Contra Costa County Knights of Columbus groups are considering ways to bring such a van to our area. More on this great possibility as it develops.


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CRLC Update: 10.19.2016

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Vote…Lives Depend On It. Don’t Let The Pro-Aborts Win Because You Failed Your Civic And Moral Duty

October 19, 2016 – Walnut Creek, CA – NOISECoalition News – California Right to Life has compiled information from a variety of sources to provide the Pro Life voter with information on the acceptability of some candidates running for state and local offices.  CRLC is not a political organization, We are a 501 (C) 4 public policy;  education and health care research organization.  Those who get elected  set or change the public policy through legislation…

California Right to Life News: 10.14.16

  • Scott Wilk, (R-38 Valencia), Currently representing Assembly Dist.38, running for Senate District 21, Simi Valley. Voted for Asm Catharine Baker’s AB 2263 protecting Planned Parenthood workers, patients and staff from Pro Lifers. Also voted for the Rob Bonta, (D) Oakland, fire arms restrictions bill ab2165. Is endorsed by the state GOP but is apparently a Rino along with several others such as Catharine Baker, (R-16 San Ramon) Tom Lackey,(R-36 Palmdale), Ling Ling Chang, (R-55 Brea) Brian Maienschein, (R-77 San Diego) David Hadley,(R-66 Torrance).
  • Catharine Baker is in trouble with Pro Life voters in her district due to her many votes for Democrat pro abort/anti-family bills, but she is also in trouble with the Democrats who have put out a vicious ad opposing her and supporting their real candidate, Democrat Planned Parenthood favorite Cheryl Cook-Kallio. Kallio loudly and proudly proclaim so the values of Planned parenthood.
  • Baker voted with the Democrats to raise taxes on health care policies especially for medical recipients thereby requiring more money from working families and young hires.
  • David Hadley is in trouble with pro-lifers because he filled out his candidate questionnaire as a pro-lifer two years ago and then when in office voted for assisted suicide.
  • Scott Wilk, (R-38) Palmdale, running for the Senate seat in dist. 21 is another Rino. There is another Wilk, Kevin Wilk, running for Walnut Creek City Council hoping to take over the seat held by Justin Wedel, (R) – could be related. They sure look alike.
  • Sadly good conservative candidates such as Joe Rubey, Sen. Dist. 7, Contra Costa Co) and James Gallagher (R-03 Chico) were given no mention in any of the endorsements. Gallagher had to stand back and watch while the Democrats ripped apart, figuratively, his two very good pro-life pieces of legislation regarding sex education and opting-in rather than opting-out of training sessions turning these bills into vehicles in support of the status quo.  This was done through amendments.
  • On the national level in politics, aside from the media’s attacking every move made by Donald Trump, (and none by Clinton’s husband) some of Hillary Clinton’s minions have been discovered, through WikiLeaks to have via email discussed ways to neutralize the Conservative, traditional practices of the Catholic Church to create what one called “A Catholic Spring
  • Don’t forget that the 40 Days for Life prayer and witnessing outside Planned Parenthood abortion facilities continues until about November 2. Babies are being saved. Find an hour of your time to come, witness to life, pray for those who won’t listen as well as for the clinic workers that they will awaken to the humanity in the lives that they are destroying.

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Celebrating Historic Victories over Jihadist Islam, the Battle of Lepanto

By SHAWN STEEL, CA National Committeeman, RNC

lepanto_1571October 7, 2016 – San Francisco, CA – – The Battle of Lepanto was one of history’s largest and most crucial naval battles because it represented the beginning of the end of the Islamic expansionist threat to Europe which had been an ugly fact of life since the late 7th century, led at the time by Umayyad Caliphate and subsequent to the conquest of Northern Africa.

The conflict took place nearly 450 years ago today – October 7, 1571 – and involved a fleet amassed by the Christian princes of Europe operating under a charter called the Christian Holy League [a broad coalition of Continental powers, including Italian city states] and led by the Holy See of Rome, Pope Pius V.

Despite being a numerically inferior force, the Christian navy – led by Spanish admiral Don Juan of Austria – effectively destroyed the entire Ottoman’s massive fleet. The engagement took place along the northern edge of the Gulf of Corinth, just off western Greece. The Islamic forces sailed westwards from their naval station at Lepanto whereupon it met the Holy Christian Coalition defending the Italian peninsula.

Since the victory of the Christian Holy League prevented the Ottoman Islamic Empire from expanding further along the European side of the Mediterranean – it is not over stating the case to say that this victory saved Western Civilization.

Lepanto was the last major naval battle in the Mediterranean fought entirely between galleys and has been assigned great symbolic and historical importance as one of the world’s most important naval battles.


Before the Battle of Lepanto, Christian cities had been under relentless attack by Muslim jihadists trigging alarm throughout Italy and Europe [the long term strategy of the Islamists was to employ a pincer attack by which they hoped to conquer Italy, seize Rome to destroy the Catholic Church and then pick off the remaining countries. That effort ultimately failed because Christianity was still a living faith in Europe at the time, which kept the Continent cohesive, culturally confident and fearless in the face of one of the world’s most savage and merciless war machines.

For example, on 1 August 1571, a large Christian army surrendered after being reassured that it could leave Cyprus freely. However, the Ottoman commander, Lala Kara Mustafa Pasha, who had lost some 50,000 men in the siege, broke his word, imprisoning the Christians. In a display of the Muslim’s typical brutally, on the 17 August, the Christian commander Bragadin was flayed alive and his corpse hung on Mustafa’s galley together with the heads of the Venetian commanders, Astorre Baglioni, Alvise Martinengo and Gianantonio Querini.

Thus, the fears of Europe’s Christians were more than justified, the reason why we today celebrate the Battle of Lepanto which destroyed the existential threat posed by the Ottomans, who were, much like ISIS today, an engine of ritualistic barbarity.

End note:

Historian Victor Davis Hanson wrote a classic accout of this battle in his monumental Carnage and Culture, an excellent read.

©2016 Shawn Steel. Mr. Steel is the Republican National Committeeman from California. He is a past Chairman of the California Republican Party and the Founding Director of the California chapter of the influential pro-taxpayer group, the Club for Growth. He maintains a web presence at All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law.