End Of CA Legislative Term Report: “Health-Care” Bills

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October 5, 2017 – Walnut Creek, CA – NOISECoalition News – The local East Bay Times, one in the stable of newspapers owned by the San Francisco/BayArea Newsgroup, or BANG, appears, at times, to be little more than an in-house publication for the Death and Dying crowd.

At least two of their reporters, Lisa Krieger and Tracy Seipel, have been reporting in glowing terms on the Right to Die issue and its embrace by Bay Area citizens.  This Sunday’s two page article was entitled The Last Days of Jil Finnegan.

The story details the rather festive activities of Ms Finnegan a cancer patient, with her friends and husband, as she prepares herself and her friends for her planned demise on the anniversary of her marriage, Sept 20, 2017, by the ingestion of an Assisted Suicide prescription.

The story is very light hearted and has all the appearances of a supportive piece of reporting on taking one’s own life while her friends and celebrate her imminent demise.

However at the end of the article the reporter does state that what everyone thought would be a quick 90 minutes of a peaceful death ended up being more like six  hours from start to finish.

I repeat, Ms Finnegan lay dying for 6 plus hours.

Folks, this is the end product of palliative care.  Two weeks later 50 people are gunned down in Las Vegas and over 400 injured. This was a recognized horrible tragedy, but Ms Finnegan’s 6 hour legislative approved death was a festive event.

The Las Vegas shooter planned those deaths in much the same manner as the  Compassion and Care people have planned the deaths of those they have targeted, not by a gun but by legislation that we citizens have to adhere to are being encouraged to emulate

There are already reports that over 100 people in California have requested assisted suicide (death by medical prescription) and there are no screaming headlines, no cell phone photos of people mourning the loss of a loved one.

And, the legislature continues to pass more bills, encouraging more planned deaths.

All the health bills in this report have passed the legislature and been sent on to the Governor.

  • AB569: Discrimination: Reproductive Health. Sponsored by NARAL Pro-Choice,Ca.
  • While claiming to oppose acts of reproductive discrimination by certain businesses, it practices its own bias against religious organizations and other pro life businesses.
  • SB179, Gender Identity. Gender Recognition Act. Sp0nsored by the LGBT and Equality groups along with Planned Parenthood and many sympathetic groups. Places a third non-binary gender listing on Driver’s licenses and official IDs. Defies human nature, declares man in control.
  • SB239, Infectious and Communicable Diseases: Criminal Penalty. Reduces penalty for knowingly transmitting infectious or communicable diseases, including HIV/AIDS, from a felony to a misdemeanor. Basically, a slap on the wrist for the transmitter, but a lifetime of ills for the one infected
  • SB294, Hospices: Services to Seriously ill Patients. Establishes palliative, or social/emotional counseling of patient and family to position of equality with curative care regardless of stage of illness or disability. CRLC contends that it is not possible to have curative care and palliative at the same time, and that palliation, like abortion, was first sold to us as a kindness to help a few people and prevent unnecessary stress, pain, and embarrassment.
  • SB219, Long Term Care Facilities: Rights of Residents. Enacts the Bay, Bisexual, and Transgender Long Term Care Facility Residents’ Bill of Rights. SIGNED BY GOV 10/4/17
  • AB1500, ELDERS Act. Elders living with dignity, empathy and respect Act. This is a bond issue designed to target special care facilities for the Gay and Lesbian Community. CURRENTLY HELD IN ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE ON AGING & LONG TERM CARE. IS NOW CONSIDERED A TWO-YEAR BILL AND MAY BE HEARD IN DECEMBER. VEGIN TO CONTACT YOUR ASSEMBLY MEMBER NOW TO URGE A “NO” VOTE.

The following bills come under the heading of Mental Health.

  • Name and gender change: Prisons and County Jails. Facilitates the ability of prisoners to petition for recognition of name and gender changes while in prison. This could require transportation to facilities equaling the new gender. Has nothing to do, apparently, with any medical or surgical changes to one’s body.
  • AB23, Educational Programs: Single Gender Schools and Classes. Would allow students to attend single sex schools/Charters depending upon gender choice declared. This will cause great expense and confusion on data collection and reporting.
  • SB225, Human Trafficking: Notice. Requires placement of informational signs on certain places of business directed toward potential victims of slavery (that definition also expanded) and human trafficking.
  • SB597 Human Trafficking: victim confidentiality. Allow victims and specified members of victims’ households to qualify for participation in the Safe at Home program. Information identifying a victim of human trafficking will be removed from public records. It does nothing to remove the “victim” from trafficking or enable the police to rescue that person from being, presumably, held against their will.

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