Hey, Tampon Queen, Feminine Hygiene Products are NOT Free

Hey, Tampon Queen, Feminine Hygiene Products are not free!


11/04/17. Walnut Creek.  Camille Giglio.AB 10, Feminine Hygiene Products: Public School Restrooms, authored by state Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia, and signed by politically ambitious Governor Brown is now Section 35292.6 of the state Education Code.

It requires the Department of education to oversee the delivery of tampon dispensers and products to all junior and senior public high schools for use by low-income students free of charge, and paid for by education dollars received in the form of taxes from working citizens.

The bill originally required homeless housing and Juvenile halls to also provide this “medical necessity” as Tampon Queen Garcia, so dubbed by colleagues and media, has dubbed her.

Dozens of progressively liberal tax funded organizations, friendly to Planned Parenthood supported this bill. California Right to Life Committee, Inc. was the only opponent.

Garcia and company have called this bill a necessity because they claim that girls living in low-income families do not have the money to afford to purchase their own hygiene supplies and, therefore, stay out of school on those days requiring this productI’ve got news for Garcia, this excuse to skip school, has been in existence since Cleopatra was a teenager.

Garcia’s selling points were:

  1. Further, they state that this creates an atmosphere of inequality between males and females.
  2. It denies the females equal access to education on those days that they stay home.
  3. Though Nurses’ offices carry a supply of hygiene products, it is claimed that the supply is often inadequate or not there at all.

Here are the problems as we see them:

  1. The department of Finance opposed the bill (and Brown twice previously vetoed similar bills) due to undue costs in, perhaps the tens of thousands of dollars of General Fund money.
  2. The bill was amended 4 times. The final reading gives every indication that the idea of dispensers of tampons will eventually not be the only item dispensed, at taxpayer expense. Section 35292.6 (b) states that the state shall not charge for ANY menstrual products including but not limited to (emphasis mine)feminine hygiene products..
  3.  It is quite likely just the first step in opening up the schools to supplying contraceptives in a similar manner. I don’t even want to think about the Toni Atkins, non-binary students.
  4. This Assemblywoman is causing the department of education to provide an unknown amount of money for something that has nothing to do with education, while the teen age opioid addiction rate begins to soar in California. Currently it is believed that nationwide there have been 64,000 opioid deaths. In California, according to the Ca. Health Report, 1,190 deaths have occurred to newborns born with opiate addiction.

And, Governor Moonbeam along with Garcia and company are doling out tax dollars for tampons instead.

In the California Health Report mentioned above there is also a quote from a young woman stating how embarrassing it is, now, for girls to have to ask their mothers for money to buy hygiene products. This solution would resolve that embarrassment.

TAxpayers should be asking: what are the mothers doing for their own hygiene requirements? If these school-skipping students are truly from low-income families then those families are getting welfare. Our tax dollars are already buying these products for welfare and illegal immigrants in monthly welfare payments.

Besides the school system will now become a target for competition between and amongst feminine hygiene product companies to see who gets the lucrative deal?

Who will be in charge of stocking the items, seeing that the dispensers work, etc? Will it be teachers, janitors, school nurses? Will there be a whole committee involved? Is a college Phd going to be put in charge?

Is this what our once great California educational system has become?  It won’t get any better when Brown’s term ends. This bill passed every committee and floor vote almost unanimously.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama is the foremost promoter of this $2.5 billion, World Bank Global education plan entitled: Let Girls Learn.  What these students need is a better taught math class, not a tampon dispenser.