Hey, Tampon Queen, Feminine Hygiene Products are NOT Free

Hey, Tampon Queen, Feminine Hygiene Products are not free!


11/04/17. Walnut Creek.  Camille Giglio.AB 10, Feminine Hygiene Products: Public School Restrooms, authored by state Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia, and signed by politically ambitious Governor Brown is now Section 35292.6 of the state Education Code.

It requires the Department of education to oversee the delivery of tampon dispensers and products to all junior and senior public high schools for use by low-income students free of charge, and paid for by education dollars received in the form of taxes from working citizens.

The bill originally required homeless housing and Juvenile halls to also provide this “medical necessity” as Tampon Queen Garcia, so dubbed by colleagues and media, has dubbed her.

Dozens of progressively liberal tax funded organizations, friendly to Planned Parenthood supported this bill. California Right to Life Committee, Inc. was the only opponent.

Garcia and company have called this bill a necessity because they claim that girls living in low-income families do not have the money to afford to purchase their own hygiene supplies and, therefore, stay out of school on those days requiring this productI’ve got news for Garcia, this excuse to skip school, has been in existence since Cleopatra was a teenager.

Garcia’s selling points were:

  1. Further, they state that this creates an atmosphere of inequality between males and females.
  2. It denies the females equal access to education on those days that they stay home.
  3. Though Nurses’ offices carry a supply of hygiene products, it is claimed that the supply is often inadequate or not there at all.

Here are the problems as we see them:

  1. The department of Finance opposed the bill (and Brown twice previously vetoed similar bills) due to undue costs in, perhaps the tens of thousands of dollars of General Fund money.
  2. The bill was amended 4 times. The final reading gives every indication that the idea of dispensers of tampons will eventually not be the only item dispensed, at taxpayer expense. Section 35292.6 (b) states that the state shall not charge for ANY menstrual products including but not limited to (emphasis mine)feminine hygiene products..
  3.  It is quite likely just the first step in opening up the schools to supplying contraceptives in a similar manner. I don’t even want to think about the Toni Atkins, non-binary students.
  4. This Assemblywoman is causing the department of education to provide an unknown amount of money for something that has nothing to do with education, while the teen age opioid addiction rate begins to soar in California. Currently it is believed that nationwide there have been 64,000 opioid deaths. In California, according to the Ca. Health Report, 1,190 deaths have occurred to newborns born with opiate addiction.

And, Governor Moonbeam along with Garcia and company are doling out tax dollars for tampons instead.

In the California Health Report mentioned above there is also a quote from a young woman stating how embarrassing it is, now, for girls to have to ask their mothers for money to buy hygiene products. This solution would resolve that embarrassment.

TAxpayers should be asking: what are the mothers doing for their own hygiene requirements? If these school-skipping students are truly from low-income families then those families are getting welfare. Our tax dollars are already buying these products for welfare and illegal immigrants in monthly welfare payments.

Besides the school system will now become a target for competition between and amongst feminine hygiene product companies to see who gets the lucrative deal?

Who will be in charge of stocking the items, seeing that the dispensers work, etc? Will it be teachers, janitors, school nurses? Will there be a whole committee involved? Is a college Phd going to be put in charge?

Is this what our once great California educational system has become?  It won’t get any better when Brown’s term ends. This bill passed every committee and floor vote almost unanimously.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama is the foremost promoter of this $2.5 billion, World Bank Global education plan entitled: Let Girls Learn.  What these students need is a better taught math class, not a tampon dispenser.



End Of CA Legislative Term Report: “Health-Care” Bills

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October 5, 2017 – Walnut Creek, CA – NOISECoalition News – The local East Bay Times, one in the stable of newspapers owned by the San Francisco/BayArea Newsgroup, or BANG, appears, at times, to be little more than an in-house publication for the Death and Dying crowd.

At least two of their reporters, Lisa Krieger and Tracy Seipel, have been reporting in glowing terms on the Right to Die issue and its embrace by Bay Area citizens.  This Sunday’s two page article was entitled The Last Days of Jil Finnegan.

The story details the rather festive activities of Ms Finnegan a cancer patient, with her friends and husband, as she prepares herself and her friends for her planned demise on the anniversary of her marriage, Sept 20, 2017, by the ingestion of an Assisted Suicide prescription.

The story is very light hearted and has all the appearances of a supportive piece of reporting on taking one’s own life while her friends and celebrate her imminent demise.

However at the end of the article the reporter does state that what everyone thought would be a quick 90 minutes of a peaceful death ended up being more like six  hours from start to finish.

I repeat, Ms Finnegan lay dying for 6 plus hours.

Folks, this is the end product of palliative care.  Two weeks later 50 people are gunned down in Las Vegas and over 400 injured. This was a recognized horrible tragedy, but Ms Finnegan’s 6 hour legislative approved death was a festive event.

The Las Vegas shooter planned those deaths in much the same manner as the  Compassion and Care people have planned the deaths of those they have targeted, not by a gun but by legislation that we citizens have to adhere to are being encouraged to emulate

There are already reports that over 100 people in California have requested assisted suicide (death by medical prescription) and there are no screaming headlines, no cell phone photos of people mourning the loss of a loved one.

And, the legislature continues to pass more bills, encouraging more planned deaths.

All the health bills in this report have passed the legislature and been sent on to the Governor.

  • AB569: Discrimination: Reproductive Health. Sponsored by NARAL Pro-Choice,Ca.
  • While claiming to oppose acts of reproductive discrimination by certain businesses, it practices its own bias against religious organizations and other pro life businesses.
  • SB179, Gender Identity. Gender Recognition Act. Sp0nsored by the LGBT and Equality groups along with Planned Parenthood and many sympathetic groups. Places a third non-binary gender listing on Driver’s licenses and official IDs. Defies human nature, declares man in control.
  • SB239, Infectious and Communicable Diseases: Criminal Penalty. Reduces penalty for knowingly transmitting infectious or communicable diseases, including HIV/AIDS, from a felony to a misdemeanor. Basically, a slap on the wrist for the transmitter, but a lifetime of ills for the one infected
  • SB294, Hospices: Services to Seriously ill Patients. Establishes palliative, or social/emotional counseling of patient and family to position of equality with curative care regardless of stage of illness or disability. CRLC contends that it is not possible to have curative care and palliative at the same time, and that palliation, like abortion, was first sold to us as a kindness to help a few people and prevent unnecessary stress, pain, and embarrassment.
  • SB219, Long Term Care Facilities: Rights of Residents. Enacts the Bay, Bisexual, and Transgender Long Term Care Facility Residents’ Bill of Rights. SIGNED BY GOV 10/4/17
  • AB1500, ELDERS Act. Elders living with dignity, empathy and respect Act. This is a bond issue designed to target special care facilities for the Gay and Lesbian Community. CURRENTLY HELD IN ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE ON AGING & LONG TERM CARE. IS NOW CONSIDERED A TWO-YEAR BILL AND MAY BE HEARD IN DECEMBER. VEGIN TO CONTACT YOUR ASSEMBLY MEMBER NOW TO URGE A “NO” VOTE.

The following bills come under the heading of Mental Health.

  • Name and gender change: Prisons and County Jails. Facilitates the ability of prisoners to petition for recognition of name and gender changes while in prison. This could require transportation to facilities equaling the new gender. Has nothing to do, apparently, with any medical or surgical changes to one’s body.
  • AB23, Educational Programs: Single Gender Schools and Classes. Would allow students to attend single sex schools/Charters depending upon gender choice declared. This will cause great expense and confusion on data collection and reporting.
  • SB225, Human Trafficking: Notice. Requires placement of informational signs on certain places of business directed toward potential victims of slavery (that definition also expanded) and human trafficking.
  • SB597 Human Trafficking: victim confidentiality. Allow victims and specified members of victims’ households to qualify for participation in the Safe at Home program. Information identifying a victim of human trafficking will be removed from public records. It does nothing to remove the “victim” from trafficking or enable the police to rescue that person from being, presumably, held against their will.

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Was death of Charlie Gard hastened?


Doctors and nurses protect and preserve life. Anything that does not protect and preserve life cannot rightly be called medical treatment and care. Much is written about end of life but not distinguished from ENDING life.

Charlie Gard is a baby who was discussed at the kitchen table, restaurant, supermarket, and in ethical/bioethical writings. Charlie Gard’s condition was diagnosed as mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome, which resulted in decreased muscle activity and movement. Charlie Gard had a breathing tube put into his windpipe which was connected to a ventilator months before his situation was publicized. When a patient is on a ventilator with breathing tube in his windpipe [via the mouth or nose (endotracheal tube – ET tube) for about two weeks, it is factual that a tracheostomy ought to be done. This was not done for Charlie. At that point, the die was cast for Charlie to be on an endotracheal tube in an intensive care unit (ICU) for the rest of his life. The rest of the time and efforts that were spent legally were useless because the doctors never intended to treat Charlie in a way that he could go home. Why would anyone believe that the doctors would change their position when it was court time?

Who should make decisions for Charlie since he is an infant? His parents, who wanted Charlie to live as long as Charlie could live. Tracheostomy was not done, thus someone is responsible for making this decision not to do a tracheostomy.

Parents went to court seeking legal support for continued treatment of Charlie. Known or not known to parents (and most everyone reading, seeing or hearing about Charlie), a tracheostomy was necessary to get Charlie out of the ICU. A doctor trained to do a tracheostomy was necessary. However, was such doctor even consulted? Even if they were consulted, their response was not publicized.

When the decision was made by the American consulting neurologist not to use an experimental medication, the Court supported the Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) physicians to remove the ventilator and the endotracheal tube. No one, with or without mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome, after being on a ventilator for 8 months would be expected to survive abrupt stoppage of the ventilator and removal of the endotracheal tube, especially without a tracheostomy. Thus, the doctors established months earlier when a tracheostomy was omitted, that they never intended to allow Charlie to be out of the ICU. Hospice finalized and executed removal of the ET tube and stopped the ventilator. Charlie was dead shortly after the ET tube and ventilator were removed.

The issue of the ventilator being an ordinary or extraordinary means of treatment was discussed in the writings about Charlie. The ventilator did not involve any great burden for Charlie or anyone else. Donations were reported to be more than a million euros. Thus, the ventilator was not excessively burdensome or too expensive. This teaching of Pope Pius XII is quoted often: “Normally one is held to use only ordinary means . . . that is to say, means that do not involve any grave burden for oneself or another.” From the same document, the teaching that is often left out is, “On the other hand, one is not forbidden to take more than the strictly necessary steps to preserve life and health, as long as he does not fail in some more serious duty.” Charlie’s parents, however, were forbidden from taking Charlie out of the ICU to their home. The wishes and directions of Charlie’s parents never had a chance.

In the consideration of ordinary/extraordinary means, the understanding of the words is of paramount importance. Over many years as medicine improved in its ability to treat patients with more successful and less painful procedures, the use of the terms remained quite unchanged. Moralists are quoted who lived before pain was controllable. St. Augustine wrote about a hemorrhoid operation using four strong men to hold the patient immobile as the operation was performed. The pain was noted as the patient suffered the operation. During the Civil War, the primitive state of medical practice contributed to many deaths and many more with injuries. The analysis of ordinary/ extraordinary means received its description from those times and the available pain relief.

Now, warnings are given lest treatment of patients would cause patients to live longer because of what some say are overzealous and beyond reasonable limits. Relief of pain and treatments are far advanced during modern times.

Considerations of ordinary and extraordinary means require understanding the person being treated and the means utilized to treat in accord with the quality and the sanctity of life. Ordinary treatments and care that protect and preserve life without being too burdensome, too expensive, or too whatever that are not beyond the capability of the ordinary person are obligatory. Think of what care an infant requires to live; that is what any person regardless of age, illness or disability should be entitled to as ordinary means.

When a person has an extraordinary illness and there is an extraordinary treatment available and the patient desires to be treated to live longer, even if cure seems not to be possible, the patient’s desire for the treatment is instruction for the physician to get on with the treatment.

Life, Life Support and Death, available from American Life League, includes: “No one should be deprived of basic care, including food and water, suitable bedding, an optimal thermal environment, an unobstructed airway, exits for stool and urine, and effective treatments, medications, procedures and operations. A hospital exists to diagnose and treat ill patients. While not every illness can be cured, every patient must be cared for. The object is always to provide the best medical care to the whole person, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. To purposefully expedite death by omission or commission violates a fundamental principle of medicine: “First, do no harm.” Recognizing that every patient must be cared for, a hospital cooperates with other facilities and services as well as the patient’s family to deliver the best care possible to the patient.

“Decisions to use or not to use a particular medical evaluation, treatment, medication, procedure or operation are considered from the patient’s perspective in light of the ability, skill and availability of physicians, nurses and medical personnel. Many articles have been written and much discussion has occurred about what constitutes means that are labeled as “ordinary” or “extraordinary.” Ordinary treatments and care are done to protect, to aid, and to heal. When the person has an extraordinary illness, extraordinary treatments that are available and effective are done to preserve life and to enhance the quality and sanctity of life.

“The chief thing for a man’s life is water and bread, and clothing, and a house to cover shame” (Ecclus. 29:27). Ordinary means include any evaluation, treatment, medication, procedure and operation that protect and preserve life. They include provision of water, food, suitable bedding, an optimal thermal environment, an unobstructed airway, exits for stool and urine and effective treatments, medications, procedures and operations. Those that are available and will protect and preserve life ought to be desired by the patient and provided by the physician and medical personnel. Medical personnel have an obligation to use such means in the treatment of the patient. To use ordinary means carries out the obligation to maintain existence, and to preserve the ability to fulfill duties to self, family, civil government and to God.

“Using ordinary means shows respect for the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, as set forth in the Declaration of Independence:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. – That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.

“Liberty is the inalienable right of every person. The origin of the word, liberty, is from the Latin, liberum arbitrium. This is translated as “mastery over desires.” Liberty is the right to safeguard life and thus guarantee the ability to pursue one’s destiny to do good and avoid evil. Accordingly, when the means touch on a person’s liberty, their denial could infringe his inalienable rights. The patient lies at the heart of every medical procedure.

“When it comes to deciding whether a particular medical means is “ordinary,” the key is an honest and realistic assessment of whether, ‘according to circumstances of persons, place, times, and culture,’ the means ‘do not involve any grave burden for oneself or another.’ Honesty and reality require that we recognize that what was beyond ordinary in a past, less affluent society, is very ordinary today. What was beyond financial capability in the past is now often available through insurance, government resources and charity. Travel to available medical treatment and care is now readily obtainable. Medications and procedures now exist to help eliminate the painful and debilitating side effects of treatments for serious illnesses and diseases.

“Unfortunately, patients’ medical decision-making today is being clouded by error and confusion in the assessment of “ordinary.” Patients are allowed to reject otherwise ordinary treatment and care because their lives are considered burdensome; “burdensome treatment” has become “burdensome life” with the result of shortening life, hastening death. When a patient’s life is considered burdensome, everything is open to interpretation as beyond ordinary, even water and nourishment.

“The ventilator, commonly but less properly called a respirator, is a device that is used to move air with oxygen into a patient. Ventilation is movement of air, while respiration is the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. This exchange occurs in the lungs, as well as in the living tissues throughout the body via circulation. The living lungs and chest wall store energy during inhalation that is used to move air with carbon dioxide out of the patient during exhalation. Ventilation and respiration are essential requirements for life on earth to continue. When these are supported using a ventilator, such use protects and preserves life. Often a ventilator is life-saving and life-supporting. When the use of a ventilator allows a patient to be more comfortable, it should be continued. When a patient is dependent on a ventilator for life on earth to continue, the ventilator ought to be continued. Treatment with an endotracheal tube and ventilator outside an ICU (e.g., hospital ward, long-term care facility, or even home) requires a tracheostomy. [A few edits of original have been inserted by Paul A. Byrne, M.D.into this paragraph.]

“In order to avoid immoral and erroneous medical decision-making, concentration ought to be on protecting and preserving life as long as God wills. Such focus should promote clear, honest, realistic and moral determinations about the proper use of medical treatments and care.” Was this made available to Charlie Gard by doctors responsible for his treatment and care?

© Paul A. Byrne, M.D.

This is the Price of an Inattentive, Disengaged Electorate

April 2, 2017 – Walnut Creek, CA – NOISE Coalition News – Our system of government was established placing a considerable burden upon the citizenry. In order to retain the republic, it was expected that our fellow Americans would have to remain of good moral character as well as actively engaged in the process of governance. As opposed to other political systems, U.S. citizens serve two functions in this process; they are both the governed as well as the governors, through the electoral process. No good thing happens when people dial out, or worse cavalierly embrace ignorance, which increasingly seems to be the case today.

Euthanasia: Community Organizing and “The Big Death Lobby”



November 10, 2016 – San Francisco, CA – NOISECoalition News – This report [produced by USASurvival, a Maryland based think tank chaired by Cliff Kincaid of Accuracy in Media] was compiled by a good friend of mine, Stephanie Block of Albuquerque, New Mexico.  This segment is part 2 of a larger 4 piece expose which is devoted to the rise of the “death” lobby, a leftist movement which has roots in the abortion industry as well as forced government controlled healthcare.

It provides  much background in understanding the concerns within the Catholic Church regarding certain ethical and moral problems with social justice issues.



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The antithesis of wisdom


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The Antithesis of Wisdom

I often refer to a small book of spiritual reading on the daily reflections of the Apostle Paul.  Today’s reflections in wisdom and its opposite, a lack of logic, is presented by Dale O’Leary, an author and contributor to several Catholic publications.

Ms O’Leary describes the antithesis of wisdom as the profane babblings about which St. Paul warned Timothy in 1 Timothy 6:20-21.

I might add that in our current experience the “profane babblings” has been the standard rhetoric of the presidential campaigns. Depending upon the outcome tomorrow night I would like to offer you the small but powerful prayer that Ms O’Leary offers in her treatise on Wisdom.

Dear Father in heaven, give us the true knowledge and the courage to stand against what is false and dangerous..



Is Obama to be thanked for higher graduation rates?

11.7.2016.  In a little more than 24 hours from now we will know, or have a pretty good idea, of the future of our country.  It has been said prior to every Presidential election since the first George Bush, that “this is the most important election ever.”  Well, this year is no exception.

I certainly can’t predict who will be elected or even how well that person will administer our government.

Only this do I know, we will still need an alert citizenry becauwe the election itself will be only the first step, a big step, yes, but there are many more to come.

Even if our favorite candidate should win (whomever that may be) nothing will change immediately or without long debate, much legislation and much need for witnessing truth to illogic

Just take the education of our children as one small example.  Education has become big business. Both Democrats and Republicans have, since at least George Bush and his Goals 2000 have been slowly expanding the federal government stranglehold on education.

None of these presidents have done away with the federal Dept of Education as some promised.  In fact it has been greatly expanded partly through the forming of partnerships with private industry.

The title of this report – reflects the suggestion that President Obama, personally, is responsible for an increase in graduation certificates.

However, another article published by EdWeek  asks What Does a High School diploma Mean?

This article claims that there are a total of 95 different types of high school graduation certificates representing all types of educational programs.

Of course, behind all this is the understanding that education has become big business with lots of salaries and executive officers and partnerships with more state anad local departments of education. All these agencies vying for the right to earn the big bucks doing the educating, so-called, that we with our taxes are supposedly paying the classroom teachers for.

Did you know that there is a big federal Education Secretary named John B, King https://www.insidehighered.com/quicktakes/2016/05/03/john-king-slams-transgender-laws-nc-and-mississippi

If Hillary gets elected we can be assured that Mr. King will have job security. If Donald Trump gets elected, just how long will it take to remove Mr. King, or not?

My whole point in reporting on this is to encourage you to continue to be interested in public policy issues. Just getting a new President will not make the problems of education, health care, jobs, housing, trasportation or immiogration go away.  It will be ever more important that peope stay involved, stand against the antithesis of wisdom and pray for God’s guidance for all of us.



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California Right to Life News for 10.24.2016

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“We frequently need other people’s help to figure out what God wants of us. It is relatively easy to sort out what is bad from what is good, but it is much more difficult to sort out what is good from what is better and what is bad from what is worse. The Holy Spirit gives us the counsel we need through external and internal signs of grace.” — Rev. Jude Winkler, p. 35

  • San Francisco. A frantic daughter called for help in defending her mother’s right to live and receive the medical care to which she was entitled. It was an urgent situation in which a San Francisco Bay Area hospital was attempting to force Assisted Suicide on a Ninety-three year old woman patient during the week of 10.17.16. This is only the latest of several calls received since ObamaCare and, especially California’s Assisted Suicide bill became law.
  • Prayers are still needed for this woman who, though saved from death (for the time being) at the hands of the medical profession now needs to have a new facility found that will care for her needs and nutrition. Late in the 3rd day of no food and water a judge stepped forward to issue a temporary restraining order requiring the hospital to re-institute the necessary care. The woman still has suffers from apparent mismanagement of her care in this facility as well as a previous facility.
  • Donald Trump. Presidential Candidate, has received the support of pro-life groups for his apparent pledge to defend the Pain Capable Unborn Child Act and his frequently stated promise to defund Planned Parenthood. However, a glance at the liberal media’s reporting on this subject would indicate that they and he aren’t sure if he will do that or not.
  • As a reminder, in February of this year, Trump said Planned Parenthood was a “good” organization, it helped women. In November now he is saying that he will consider defunding PP.
  • He, further, says that if he’s elected Roe v Wade will be overturned because he will appoint pro-life Justices who will, themselves, automatically overturn Roe. But that means some group or groups will have to bring up a lawsuit that will make its way to the Supreme Court.
  • But, what about the June 29, 1992, Supreme Court decision known as Planned Parenthood v Casey that re-affirmed Roe? What happens to that law?  Will overturning Roe v Wade have any bearing in California?  Several other areas of law were affected through unethical and immoral decisions based on Roe.
  • The Question in Casey was: Can a state require women who want an abortion to obtain informed consent, wait 24 hours and, if minors, obtain parental consent, without violating their right to abortion guaranteed by Roe v Wade?
  • Planned Parenthood has seen to it here in California that abortion is a wide open, no restraints or oversight on service to women and teens. Also defunding Planned Parenthood will be a great idea but in California the California taxpayer pays for abortions and we are close to a super majority of Democrats in the legislature.
  • On the positive side if Roe is overturned that will put the abortion fight back into the states. the Several states such as California that have their own state laws on abortion, contraception, etc. will have the right to bring cases to court or legislation and attempt to bring abortion under supervised control or done away with completely. It will be years, however, of continued efforts. California Pro-Lifers have to have the will to continue to demand protection and respect for human life from its officials and medical personnel.
  • On the down side, if Hillary Clinton obtains the Presidency she will work with Planned Parenthood to expand even further, their stronghold on women’s health and reproductive services.
  • Abortion will no doubt become federally funded, regulations will be set by the federal government. Who knows but what a President favorable to the oppressive objectives of Planned parenthood could even expand their goals under the Executive Order approach.
  • Personally like Donald Trump or dislike his implied lack of leadership and planning skills, but if the children and the elderly are to have protection of and respect for their lives, Trump as President is our one renewed chance to defeat Obamacare with its abortion and euthanasia agenda imbedded in the programs in this country.
  • As a Senator Hillary Clinton made calls in to California supporting Planned Parenthood and opposing, along with the California Medical Association, prop 85 which would have required Parental Notification. That prop was defeated, narrowly and Planned Parenthood now has wide-open access to all our children for instruction in PP’s brand of healthy living.
  • Thanks in part to Hillary’s support of PP Cecile Richards, National Director of Planned Parenthood personally takes home $1 M a year of your tax money. The Planned Parenthood local clinic director in your town is probably making a six figure income at least, according to IRS form 990s’ which have been read by Pro Life researchers.
  • A serious side-effect of this leniency toward PP and its promotion of birth control pills and hormonal pills is depression. Is your teenager often depressed? Articles abound now on this subject online. Even the Washington Post published an article on the prevalence of depression in those who use artificial birth control.  The liberal media, such as the Huffington Post carry articles that declare if your child is depressed give her more birth control pills so she won’t forget to use birth control while being sexually active.
  • Drug overdosing and depression are now considered to be the leading causes of suicide and, therefore, the source of an increased amount of donated organs for transplanting.
  • California has proposition 64 on the ballot that will legalize Marijuana. The easier access to this drug could be a leading source of drug overdosing.  Organs for transplanting has become a lucrative business for those who act as resource personnel. More drugs in play, more overdosing, more depression and death from overdosing, more organs for transplanting.

FORTY DAYS FOR LIFE is still in effect. There is a 40 Days program active in Walnut Creek outside the Oakland Ave Planned Parenthood clinic in Walnut Creek. Last weekend along with those praying was a large van sometimes referred to as the Stork Bus which provides free sonograms for women who can see the truth of the existence of a human child in their womb.

We understands that the local Contra Costa County Knights of Columbus groups are considering ways to bring such a van to our area. More on this great possibility as it develops.


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