The NOISE Coalition is a group of parents, kids and concerned citizens who are troubled by the apparent partnering of the abortion mill, Planned Parenthood, with the Acalanes School District.

We find the claim that Planned Parenthood [PP] can provide unbiased information about sexuality to our children to be preposterous. From what we see, Planned Parenthood has an agenda that tries to usurp parental rights when it comes to matters of sexuality.

The effect, from our perspective, is that the propaganda put out by PP has the effect of sexually charging adolescents at the time when they are most vulnerable to suggestion and peer pressure.

Many of our members are concerned that PP functions as the marketing arm of the abortion industry.

As the Daily Caller notes:

“Two more numbers must be mentioned: 3 percent and $540.6 million. The first represents PP’s claim as to how much of its services comprise abortion, and the second specifies the amount of money forcibly excised from taxpayers for PP’s benefit in 2012.

Regarding 3 percent, the number has been exposed as a ludicrous lie many times. Suffice it to say that at a conservative estimate of $520 on average per abortion, PP raked in over $170 million, or 55 percent of its non-taxpayer-funded “clinic” (i.e., abortion facility) income.

Regarding $540.6 million, abortion advocates will contend that federal money can’t be used for abortions. This is not true, especially with Obamacare ascending. However, even if one grants the premise, all that means is that taxpayers – many of them stridently opposed to abortion as an egregious evil – are forced by government to pay PP’s electric bill (more accurately, 45 percent of its budget) so the organization can destroy pre-born babies with “its own” money.” [source, Planned Parenthood’s annual report shows abortion pays

For these and many other reasons we oppose the presence of Planned Parenthood in our local schools and work towards the day when the parent-child relationship isn’t threatened by what we see as an organization which cloaks its true intent.


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