While Wealth May Buy Few Friends, it Buys Just Enough Legilators’ Votes

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July 24, 2016 – Walnut Creek, CA NOISE Coalition News – Oft repeated information leaking out of the legislature is that the votes of some elected officials often represent the positions of their financial backers more than they do the citizens that they swore under oath to represent.  In politics it’s not friends that are being bought, it’s votes. This would appear to be  true in the case of about 8 Republicans, all elected first time between 2012-2014 funded in large  degree by Charles T. Munger, Jr, Physicist and political philanthropist, son of Charles Munger Sr, who is a Co-partner with Warren Buffet in Berkshire Hathaway.

Warren Buffet and Munger, Sr. are well known for their extremely generous donations to Reproductive rights causes, population issues and the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation for global awareness. i.e. health, welfare and education.

These eight Republicans with Assemblywoman Catharine Baker (R-Dist 16) as fearless leader are often seen, figuratively speaking, crossing over the aisle, at least 13 times this year, in the legislature to vote with Democrats, especially on certain sensitive family, education and health related bills.

Baker also ignored pro life urgings when she signed on as co-author in 2015 on the Sen. Richard Pan, mandated vaccination-or-no-public-schooling-for-the-unvaccinated-children bill and she takes pleasure in telling everyone how she was a major factor in the bill’s passing.

Besides Baker these crossover legislators are:

Ling-Ling Chang R-55-Orange Co), Brian Maienschein (R-77,San Diego), Tom Lackey (R-36 Palmdale), Chad Mayes (R-42 Rancho Mirage), Young Kim (R-65 Buena Park), David Hadley (R-66 Manhattan Beach), Rocky Chavez (R-San Diego).

Perhaps you’ve noticed that 7 of the 8 are in Southern California.  Baker did once work for So California Congressman Sonny Bono prior to attending law school and was feted at a fundraising party to kick off her campaign in Monte Serena hosted by Charles Munger, Jr and Jim and Christine Russell.  This Russell may well be a relative of a notorious Southern Cal  abortion doctor, Keith Russell who has been a good friend of Munger, Sr.

Charles Munger Jr, a Physicist at Stanford University, is one of the children of Charles Munger, Sr.  Munger, Sr. is a  Co-partner with Warren Buffet of Berkshire Hathaway. Buffet and Munger, Sr. have been major contributors to Planned Parenthood for decades according to an article in MRC Newsbusters for May 13, 2014. An article by Mike Ciandella is entitled: Warren Buffett: The Billion-Dollar King of Abortion

When Baker first appeared on the scene in the 2014 election campaign she made an effort to convince the pro life community that she herself was also pro life. After her election she has given little acknowledgement or time to requests from her district’s pro life community to give consideration to the pro life position on bills.

When Baker won the race the local Democrats didn’t seem too disappointed. Chief of Staff for then Assembly Speaker Tony Atkins, was quoted in a Times Standard News article on 11/16/14 as saying that: “there’s been a pretty good working relationship with the Republican caucus on a lot of stuff, and I think that will continue with her,” he said. “If her policies are things that the Democratic caucus and the Legislature as a whole believe in, she’ll be given as fair a shot as anyone else.”

Here is a list of bills signed by the Governor that Catharine Baker has supported.

AB15b, Susan Eggman, Assisted Suicide.

SB1005, Mark Leno, Removal from marriage license of designation of husband or wife, substituting spouse.

HR 54, Eggman, LGBT, designating June as Gay Pride month.

HR 32, Tony Atkins, Women’s Reproductive Health Rights. Urging Congress to support.

SJR 19, Hannah Beth Jackson, Women’s Reproductive Health (see HR54)



She thinks that because she doesn’t get letters or phone calls from you that her actions are okay with everybody.  Assembly district 16, Contra Costa and parts of Alameda County; cities of Lafayette, Moraga, and Orinda, Danville, San Ramon, and the Tri-Valley areas of Dublin, Pleasanton, and Livermore.

Lifenews.com (5-13-14) published an article entitled Warren Buffet Has Given $1.2 Billion to Pro-Abortion Groups, Would Fund 2.7 Million Abortions.

THE FOLLOWING BILLS ARE IN THE SENATE APPROPRIATIONS COMMITTEE:  meaning that they have taxpayer funding attached.

This is the Appropriations office phone # 916-651-4101

AB1671, Jimmy Gomez, Confidential Communications: Disclosure. This is a bill to silence David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress, making him the bad guy.

AB2263, Catharine Baker, Protect Victims and Reproductive Health Care Providers, companion to Assembly Bill 1671.

AB2531, Autumn Burke, Reproductive Health and Research, authorizes payments to women in exchange for their formerly donated “human Oocytes”  (eggs)for research.

AB1954, Autumn Burke, Health Care Coverage: Reproductive Health Care Services. Requires all health care service plans and policies to accept costs of reproductive services without a referral.

Burke is daughter of former state legislator and L.A. County Supervisor Yvonne Braithwaite Burke.

AB1808, Jim Wood, Minors: Mental Health Treatment and Counseling. Authorizes marriage and family therapist trainees to provide mental health services to minors, without parental consent.

AB1732, Philip Ting, Single-User Bathrooms. Mandates provision of all-gender facilities in businesses or Government agencies.


SB999, Fran Pavley, Health Insurance: Contraceptives: Annual supply. Requires health care service plans to prescribe and dispense one-year’s supply, rather than the current 3 months, of “self-administered Hormonal Contraceptives, no questions asked.


AB1947, Health Facilities: Affiliate clinic” Licensing.  Allows clinics to establish satellite clinic services without requiring inspections or separate filing.

Catharine Baker is again up for election this November. She is well-liked and respected by voters, especially those in the banking and Insurance industry, for her financially conservative votes (though, even there,  she has cast at least one questionable vote on taxing Managed Care Organizations.  But, again, it’s a health care issue and she favors the Democrat/Munger philosophy on health care funding.

The Republican leadership. both local and statewide. and Baker herself feel confident that she is in a safe district.  She is depicted as THE vote that breaks the monopoly of the Democrat stranglehold on state politics.

Unfortunately for babies, families and senior citizens Republicans have been encouraged to overlook her votes on important life issues in order to save the sinking ship of the Republican Party.

Baker is getting her campaign financing from progressive Republicans but she is also getting her volunteer soldiers in the field from the pro life, Catholic/Christian  conservative groups in the community.

Catharine Baker and the other named legislators need educating on the pro life  issues of life and death. It makes a mockery of our position on life if, at the same time, pro life people provide their time and talent to legislators who ignore our values, preferring the monetary values of those who donate the most money to their campaigns.

Catharine Baker has just sent out a Thank You to all her volunteers for their help in the Primary. It appears to carry a hidden message to those who question her legislative and Party activities.

“I will work to ensure our community has a strong voice in the Legislature that puts the needs of our community first over partisan bickering and special interests.”

The needs of the Community?  Who determines the needs of the individuals within a community?  Planned Parenthood and Hilary Clinton think that everybody in a community needs to be sexually active from age 11 yrs on accompanied by birth control medications and abortions.

Maybe the pro life people of District 16 should be asking Catharine Baker to clarify her statement?

And, how about that word “bickering?”  Are the voting citizens not allowed to critique legislators voting practices?  Is she getting some feedback from voters not too pleased with her pro abort votes and her vote to allow for the raising of taxes on Managed Care programs?


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