Hormonal Contraceptives at your Neighborhood Grocery

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safewaySeptember 17, 2016 – Walnut Creek, CA –  CA Right to Life Committee News – In case you hadn’t heard, the California legislators, during this last 2 year term, passed 3 bills containing language authorizing pharmacists to diagnose, prepare and dispense hormonal contraceptives to the under 19 age group without parental knowledge.

You may also not be aware that these same pharmacists can fill prescriptions for seconal,  the main barbiturate medication for use in Assisted Suicide or euthanasia.

Earlier this week Safeway Grocery Company, inc. A long time fixture in California’s grocery industry (recently bought out by a Canadian group) opened a new flagship store in Walnut Creek.

The four foot tall sandwich billboard that we have presented as the lead image was the first item to greet my eyes as I approached the store, it reads:

“Hormonal Contraceptives, including

birthcontrol pills and patches  furnished by a pharmacist!”

This billboard is advertising to the youth of our community.  Remember this the next time you see an ad using a druggist to sell you anything.

Also keep in mind that it is our elected officials and Governor who have given them this so-called privilege.

There are four high schools within a very short distance of this Safeway: Carondelet, DeLaSalle, Ygnacio Valley and Northgate. Little Red Riding Hood only had one big, bad wolf to worry about. Today’s parents have a whole industry of hungry wolves waiting to encourage your family’s patronage.

The pharmacy industry could have said “No way” will we do your work of population control, but they didn’t. Not once did they use their lobby to discourage this legislation. They embraced the opportunity to become involved in population manipulation as yet another way to make a profit. The Pharmacy Industry is apparently overjoyed to be enablers of our youths sexual lifestyles.

They have also eagerly accepted the legal authority to enable the Death with Dignity crowd, according to Jon R. Roth, CEO, California Pharmacists Association spokesman who was quoted in a PharmacyTimes article (CPhA) stating that “CPha also supports laws or regulations that give immunity from liability for pharmacists who participate in lawful end-of-life activites.

End-Of-Life activities, as in abortion and euthanasia?  Maybe one day, soon, that billboard will also include a notice that barbiturates are available at your grocer’s for ending one’s own life.

I returned to this Safeway the next day and the sign was no longer visible. It was there, but leaning against the wall while the other side of this sandwich board merely announced that a Pharmacy was on the premises.

Well, for now the sign is gone, but it may come back. Or, at any rate contraceptives that kill the new life are at pharmacies everywhere. They are there, because no one but a couple of pro life groups issued official oppose letters.

You are all being asked to participate in the imminent Forty Days for Life prayer vigil with the very worthy objective of saving babies, and Moms’ lives and maybe shutting down the clinic. That will be good, but realize that the abortionists and elected officials are way ahead of us. Who will need a building for abortions to be performed when the drugstores and the school nurses are handing out abortifacients to your daughters?

We must not continue to be silent. We have all the facts and data that we can handle. What we need is a communal backbone.

The bills referred to in the beginning of the article can be read by going to www.leginfo.ca.gov and typing in the bill numbers: SB464, SB253, SB999 and regarding end-of-life, SB1002.

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